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Physiotherapists train on producing special equipment for cerebral palsy


A two-week training programme for 14 physiotherapists drawn from all over the country to learn how to use recycled cardboard to make special chairs and stand frames for use by children with cerebral palsy condition has ended in Accra..

Cerebral palsy, a condition which leads to a disorder of movement and posture in children caused by damage to brain before birth, during birth or up to two years after birth makes it difficult for parents to position their children well for any activities.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the programme on Friday, Ms Margaret Langeviled, a Scottish Physiotherapist volunteering with Cerebral Palsy Africa (CPA), organizers of the programme said the need for special equipment for children with cerebral palsy condition was inevitable to facilitate easy movement and support sitting positions of such children.

Ms Langeviled said the availability of such special equipment would also help to reduce if not totally, remove the difficulties parents had to endure in taking care of such children.

She said due to high cost of procuring such special equipment, the CPA decided to train local physiotherapists on using locally made equipment that could adapt to the needs of each child.

She called on parents not lose interest in children with cerebral palsy condition saying they needed care and support to grow.

Ms Sandra Carsamer, a Physiotherapist from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital lauded the programme saying it would help reduce the difficulties both parents and care-givers endured.