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12.02.2009 Feature Article

Asaga's Saga

Let no one think he is incapable of making mistakes, let everyone admits that he makes mistakes and yet let no one glory in his mistakes. I donʼt know what caused that boom statement to be issued by the presidential mouth that Moses Asagaʼs nomination is revoked. No reason is given yet everyone know there is reason for that though it might not be good for public consumption..

Whatever be the case, I know for a fact that Mr. President has hit the ground running with a disciplined crop of people around him, who spares and condones no one. Yet one thing I will like to appeal to the president is just based on a word he used during his campaign and his inaugural address that ʽhe will be father to everyoneʼ. Bear with me, my memory is not as sharp as law professor, so am just paraphrasing.

A ʽFatherlyʼ president is what Ghanaians voted for, and this shows how Ghanaians thirst for the touch of a Father.. Many people have ʽcruel, tough and non-caring image for fa thersʼ but surely by simple logic no one will spend his whole day in the scorching sun to elect such figure to become a president. God forbid! On the contrary, people spent hours in the sun to elect an ʽ1-care-4-U Fatherly Presidentʼ and that is how Mr. President, Ghanaians see in you.

Someone will be asking what all these placeboes are about. No, am not dishing out placeboes but am simply demonstrating how what Ought is based on what Is with special regards to Mr. Moses Asagaʼs saga. Surely you know more than I do, but then if it is only pertaining to the ex-gratia then I will use his words ʽtamper justice with mercyʼ. Although I do agree that the ex-gratia is disgusting yet as far as Ghana is concerned it is legal at the moment to give them what is stipulated in the infamous document [I dare not mention its name]. And until it is amended, the ex-public servants are entitled to the so-called ex-gratia. Therefore from the legal point of view I will not have much problem with that.

But then someone will argue that he is not a team player for he didnʼt consult. But then I will ask, Is it true? Has he consistently committed such acts before? And if he has been committing such acts then why did you nominate him? From a psychological point of view, acts are not independent yet one act is not enough to define a person. Therefore, Mr. President, Moses Asaga did it and that is true, it is minus on his part but donʼt base on this alone to throw away such an asset.

On the pa rt of Mr. Moses Asaga, hardly do we hear politicians admitting that they went wrong. I have heard Mr. Moses Asaga himself admitting his fault and asking for mercy on Joy Fm. Unlike some who will deny heaven and hell, this man has been humble enough and as an I-care-4-U fatherly president, I will plead that you reconsider this faithful and humble son of yours. Surely he hasnʼt committed a crime. But then I will also thank you Mr. President for you swift act, it shows you are in touch with what is going on. Thanks but please remember to reconsider your son Moses Asaga, for he is an asset to your government.

Yirpaale Sondah
[email protected]

Yirpaale Sondah
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