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09.02.2009 Politics

Mubarak says he is hungry for a youth policy

By gna

The President’s nominee for the Youth and Sports Ministry, Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, said on Monday he would make the formulation of a National Youth Policy a priority when confirmed.

Mubarak, 37, told the GNA in an interview that if given the nod the ministry would come out with a youth policy that would aim at turning around the fortunes of the youth in building a strong nation.

He said his desire to make vocational training the bedrock of the policy was born out of his belief that the youth remain the future leaders and when well equipped the country stands to reap immense benefits.

Under the policy, he said, job placement for the youth would be the main focus of the plan that would be nationalistic in character.

Alhaji Mubarak said it should be possible for Ghana to emulate the United States example where fresh graduates from law schools are attached to the Senate to learn how the country’s laws are formulated.

“In our case, we will not limit it to lawyers but all areas where young graduates can gain experience.”

“That way, we will have succeeded in aborting the usual working experience cliché that prevents many from getting employment after graduation and also cut down the issue of joblessness.”

He said it must be possible for Ghana to pay such people until such a time that they are experienced enough to serve the nation in various capacities.

“I am not proposing that we become a Father Christmas, instead, I think it is important that we start equipping the youth for the sake of the future.”

Alhaji Mubarak said he envisaged tough times in putting together the policy but added that he was eager to leave a legacy by pushing for its implementation.