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09.02.2009 Regional News

Nii Tettey Kwei II is Dzaasetse – Ga Dzaase reaffirms

By gna

The Ga Royal Paramount Stool Dzaase, has re-affirmed that Nii Tetteh Kwei II is the Ga Stool Dzaasetse (head) as was announced by the Ga Traditional Council in January 2008.

A statement signed by Mr Victor Lartey, Secretary to the Dzaase Stool on Saturday said the legal position of the Council still stands and therefore any other contrary position or claim should be regarded as fraudulent and without basis.

It referred anyone with a different position to the Council's publication of the full list of all chiefs and office holders a year ago for confirmation.

The statement was reacting to a press conference held on February 5, 2009 where a group including one Johnson Tachie Yarboi also known as Yoatey Otoga held himself as the Dzaasetse.

“Johnson (Otoga) needs to reconcile himself with the position he claims to hold because he and his friends, Jonathan Niibi Tachie, David Tachie Kome and his twin brother Dennis Ribero-Addy (Colonel Retired) and others listed as members of the Ga Dzaase Stool have no legitimate connection to the Royal Dzaase Stool.”

The statement said the people of the Ga State deserved better consideration and would therefore not yield to such claims from the above individuals.

Commenting on the Ga Mantse, it said the Regional House of Chiefs' Tribunal had indicated that they could not restrain him from carrying on activities as Ga Mantse.

In addition they could also not restrain the Ga Traditional Council from accepting him as a Council member.