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07.02.2009 International

Husband Dumped Wife On Internet

By Daily Guide
Husband Dumped Wife On Internet

Shocked ... Emma Brady A SHOCKED wife was dumped by her husband — via FACEBOOK.

Emma Brady, 35, learned her relationship was over in a posting on the social website.

It read: “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.”

The mum of one faced further humiliation when other users began adding comments.

One person from Canada wrote: “You are better off out of it.”

Conference manager Emma said: “I joined Facebook because girls at work said it was fun.

“The first I knew about the break-up was when I got a call from a pal.”

She added: “We were like any other couple — we had our ups and downs but I thought things were fine.”

Emma confronted Neil, 39, about the posting last July but they stayed together.

Yet in December, IT consultant Neil assaulted her at their home in Accrington, Lancs.

He was fined £580 by JPs in Blackburn.
Neil, now living in Baxenden, Lancs, said: “Her behaviour was totally unreasonable. I'd been telling her for ages I wanted a divorce.” TheSun