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04.02.2009 Politics

Youth group urges President Mills to uphold truth and justice

By myjoyonline

The Youth for Leadership in Ghana has urged President Mills to be guided by the principles of probity and accountability in his tenure of office.

The group says the victory by the NDC is liberation of the people of Ghana and hoped truth and justice will relentlessly be upheld in President Mills' administration.

A statement signed by the National Chairman Abubakar Musah Sidii congratulated President Mills on his victory and thanked Ghanaians for their peaceful and orderly conduct during the December elections.

The statement also urged the president to support the grassroots in order to keep the party in power for a long time.

The youth group which has an avowed mission to uphold and perpetuate the legacies of former President Rawlings, lauded his contribution in bringing the NDC back into power.

“We see the endorsement of the NDC by the good people of Ghana as a vindication of the former president whose involvement in the campaign was questioned by our opponents as well as some within our own ilk.

“For those who doubted the electrifying influence of the former President now has to wake up to the reality as the good people of Ghana embraced him and his tradition back after eight years of believing of NPP lies and vilication,” the statement said.

The statement further thanked the MP's both in and out of parliament for their immense contribution