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01.02.2009 Education

Church urged to exert moral influence in University

Church urged to exert moral influence in University

The Dean of Student Affairs of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Reverend Professor Ben Abotsi Ntreh on Saturday exhorted leaders of the E.P. Church to exert moral influence on the E.P. University College (EPUC).

“Persons churned out of our Universities should not only be found worthy in learning but they should also have sound character.”

“The challenge here is for Church leaders to bring their influence to bear in ensuring that a good balance is struck between academic pursuit and moral education.”

Rev. Prof. Ntreh gave the exhortation at the University's second matriculation of 130 students on Saturday, an increase of 140.7 percent over last year's admissions of 54 students.

He therefore urged the University's authorities to set the pace and standard in producing students who reflect a good mix of academic excellence and strong moral values.

Rev. Prof Ntreh likewise reminded the new students that the cardinal aim of university education is to prepare graduates “to be of service to people and society”.

He said the challenges university students faced were therefore meant to equip and strengthen them to confront tasks ahead of them and only those who could withstand such tests that “will come out successfully as graduates”.

University graduates were therefore expected to exhibit enlightened behaviour, reflect a sense of morality and responsibility and become “critical, independent thinkers, confident, trustworthy, morally upright and effective future leaders”, Rev. Prof Ntreh said.

The President of the EPUC, Mr Walter Blege said the University “will be turning out its first batch of graduates this year sooner than expected thanks to the tutelage of our affiliate universities”.

He explained to the Ghana News Agency that this was due to the fact that those students entered the University with Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) and Diplomas.

Regarding how the University College would cope with the increase in admissions from 54 last year to 130 (140.7) percent this year without compromising quality, Mr Blege said expansion works would soon take off in the University while more modern equipment, especially Information Communication Technology (ICT) were also being procured.

In addition, the EPUC has the full complement of lecturers to cope with the student population.

Mr Blege said 74.2 percent of the students admitted this year were taking advantage of the University's evening and weekend classes.

“This means that the E.P. University College has come to serve the huge potential of people who would have been denied University education because of constraints of work, time and location”.

Mr Blege said the University College would soon take delivery of a large collection of Business Administration and Economics books, “a rare specimen of materials on Ghana's economy”, donated by Mr Alex Ashiagbor, a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana and Member of the University Council.

He said the E.P. Church of London has also sent 20 projectors and some sophisticated Televisions to the University College including several other donations from its numerous benefactors.

A former Moderator of the E.P. Church, Very Reverend Japhet Y. Ledo urged the government to consider establishing a partnership with the EPUC in developing the University “as a partnership tertiary institution for the benefit of Ghanaians”.

He appealed to the government to give “substantial pie of the GETFUND that can enable us build permanent structures and establish other campuses to serve the isolated needy people as far as tertiary education is concerned”.

Very Reverend Ledo urged EPUC Lecturers to avoid “the traditional attitude of university lecturers; to make life difficult for students so that they will know we are the bosses”

Instead, “Faculty should be willing to sacrifice and help our students to succeed so that when you are no more you will be sure that you have prepared people to take your places,” he said.
He therefore urged the students to take advantage of every opportunity available to them; develop and position themselves in leadership in the future which is now.