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30.01.2009 Diaspora (USA)


By Sampson Twumasi

A new Christian internet radio station has been launched in the New York metropolis for Ghanaians worldwide. Christened, this is the results of the dream of Elder and Mrs. C.B. Boamah, a long time residents of Far Rockaway, New York. The couple has for a long time had a big burden to do a personal ministry of communicating the gospel to places where missionaries cannot go.

To achieve this, the Boamahs sought the expertise of Mr. Abraham Kwarteng, an IT graduate who gradually built the entire station from scratch. Initially there were some challenges and roadblocks since Mr. Abraham Kwarteng had never ever built a radio station before. Mr.Kwarteng admits that the challenges almost stifled the dream but the team was undaunted in their pursuits. To go online and stream live, the Boamahs used their meager resources to purchase the needed equipments to create this radio station. Later on they converted their car garage to house the station where the gospel can be beamed into all parts of the world through the bandwidth. What few months ago seemed so distant and mammoth has finally become a reality. is now attracting listeners from all corners of the globe as a result of its high quality inspirational programs. Even listeners from remote Islands of the sea have either emailed or called in to share the blessings they have received from listening to this internet radio station. Some have inquired how they can become regular financial supporters so that the good news can be given mighty wings through this internet radio site.

The two-fold reasons for building this internet radio, according the founder, Elder Christian Benjamin Boamah is “to carry the gospel to all humankind in every corner of the world where there is internet access through good preaching, educational and life changing teachings and to be a channel of dispensing the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ for kingdom growth.” Further the station strives to be a “resource center where people can listen to Christian music, call in and pray with one of the standby chaplains, receive Christian counseling and uplift the name of the Jesus Christ” adds Mr. Boamah.

Currently this 24/7 internet radio station has church pastors and elders preaching soul-stirring sermons, health care professionals giving lifestyle changing lectures, young people doing some segments targeted to their peers and plays heart-warming music. It is envisaged that more programs will be added in future to enhance the quality service it renders to the public worldwide. Though some parts of the site are still under construction, the station has already received calls from as far as Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas and some small Islands across the oceans. Pastor HVA Kuma, the Greater New York Conference Multi-Ethnic Ministries Director and Pastors S. K. Twumasi and Sampson Appiah Kubi who dedicated this radio station to the glory of God described it as a “giant missiological tool to enhance evangelistic outreach that has the potential to penetrate all barriers where a regular missionary cannot minister”.

Since it is a non-profitable organization registered in the state of New York with volunteers keeping this site running, the station would like to appeal to all and sundry who will like to promote this internet radio site and also make periodic donations to cover the cost of monthly web streaming/bandwidth services, web site domain hosting charges, and other related expenses associated with running such a Christian internet radio station. The website link address is The station email address is [email protected] and the telephone number is +718-766-8884.

This is the day of small beginnings and who can doubt what the Lord can do through this We can help spread the website address by giving it to our relatives, friends, acquaintances and church members. We can pray for the success of this site that many will find Christ through Above all, let us support it financially so that this station can stay in the air propagating the good news of Christ.

BY S.K. Twumasi in Far Rockaway, New York