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Outreach Africa Vocational Institute progresses...Set to give free tools to beneficiaries on completion of course

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OUTREACH Africa Vocational Institute (OAVI), the first and only vocational institution in the Region to give free training to orphans, the poor and needy, continues to make progress since it set up.

The school was commissioned in February last year, and has a student population of 240, undertaking various vocational courses.

Apart from the school uniform, which the students have to provide themselves, every basic facility used in the vocational institute, for both theoretical and practical works, are provided free of charge by the school. This includes tuition.

The school is also providing free exercise books and pens for the students, and at the same time free tools for practical work depending on the course each student is undertaking.

What this means is that every basic facility used in vocational schools for practical works, are provided at OAVI free of charge for the students.

The school is running the following courses, Dressmaking, Textiles, Draughtmanship, Catering, English and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

This is under the benevolence of Brother Daniel Owusu-Asiamh, an Evangelist, who is also the Director of the school. What is more, the school also provides free lunch and free transport for the students. The school has seven teachers, and intends employing an additional three, as it prepares to take the students into practical exercises this year.

A new block, estimated to cost a total of ¢104 million, which would be used as both an Assembly Hall and centre for practical work, is under construction.

Again, the school intends to purchase a new 38-seater Mercedes Benz bus to use in transporting the students.

Even more incredible is the fact that when the students eventually end their courses, the school would further provide them with free tools, to establish themselves in their vocation.

Speaking in an interview with the Director of the School, Brother Daniel Owusu Asiamah told this File he chose not to charge a pesewa from the beneficiaries, because “I wanted to prove a point that it can be done.”

Brother Asiamh, who is behind the Outreach Africa, a non-profit-making organisation, further told this File that “the word non-profit organisation means spending more on people, and spending less on yourself.”

This is what has pushed him to set up the school, with contributions from personal friends outside Ghana.

The school has seven blocks, each named after the following people, who the Director of the school maintained, had help in the establishment of the school in diverse ways.

They are Marc Quinones, Maria Hickman, Harvey Stow, Ojai Church, Beverly Sanchez and Spotsylvania Church.

The Headmaster of the school, Mr. Enyam Ati, on his part, appealed to the beneficiaries to take their courses serious, and not to take solace in the fact that every facility in the school was being provided freely.

He further called on the government to support the school.

Madam Barbara Prah, a catering student, expressed her gratitude to the Director of the school for the gesture.

Expressing the confidence that they were taking their lessons seriously.

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