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03.01.2009 Political

Time to Heal - Political Opponents, not Enemy Combatants

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Now we have an outcome to the election – John Atta Mills has been declared the winner so it will be from John to John. Welcome President –elect Mills. The credit goes to the people of Ghana for their tolerance while anxiously waiting for the snail-paced electoral process which began on December 7th to play out. Let us join hands as Ghanaians and sing Kumbaya! Personally, I am happy the CNNs of the world would not get to transmit images of Ghanaians butchering one another over a botched election. Whether you are NPP or NDC supporter, we are all winners, at least as far as I am concern.

No doubt the contentious and drag out process has brought divisions and polarized Ghanaians. The necessary steps must be taken quickly to heal wounds. Atta Mills, must move swiftly to reconcile the nation. President-elect Mills need to reach out to the over 4 million NPP supporters who preferred Nana Akuffo Addo to him, and reassure them he is going to be president of all Ghanaians. For starters, he should sit down with Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP leadership to iron their differences. It is not healthy for our young democracy for political opponents to treat each other as enemies. Nana, be gracious in defeat. The challenges Ghana face requires all hands on deck and your leadership qualities and intellect would be needed.

The traditional institutions should join in the reconciliation process. The Togbes, YaaNas, and Nananoms also have a role to play in uniting the country. The chiefs and queen mothers have the ears of most Ghanaians and they should use their influence to start a conversation to heal the country. I expect Reverends, Deacons, and Deaconesses, Prophet and Prophetesses and all pastors to use their pulpit to preach peace and reconciliation starting tomorrow.

To former President Rawlings, you set this train in motion by defying the odds when most people doubted you would hand over power to Kufuor in 2000. You put all the critics to shame. That was very commendable, Jerry. However, some of your actions and utterances since you left office are beneath your status as a former President. Many people have expressed fear over your domineering influence over the NDC, and potentially you dictating to President Mills. No less disconcerting is the alleged Vendetta campaign against the NPP with the NDC now in power. No more of the cycle of retaliation and retribution. No more vilification!!! Jerry, you have played your role as founding member, if not the founder, of the NDC in helping it get re-elected. Job well done!! Now, stay away from the Golden Jubilee House and allow President Mills to govern the country. My buck is on you to put the critics to shame again.

Lastly, Ghanaians, is time to embrace each other as equals with equal stake in the affairs of Ghana. What we share more in common trumps the trivial differences that seek to divide. Let me remind you: “there are no Ewe Ghanaians, there are no Ashanti Ghanaians, and neither are there Bimbila nor Mamprusi Ghanaians. In that respect, an Ashanti is not superior to the Ewe and vice-versa.” People in Bole and Pusiga are equally important as the people in Ewutu-Efutu, and Jinijini. We are all sons and daughters of Ghana, one people with a common vision for peace and prosperity. Treat each other with mutual respect. God bless Ghana.

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