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25.12.2008 Social News

Anglican Bishop urges Ghanaians to go to the polls with love, hope

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The Anglican Bishop of Koforidua Diocese, Right Reverend Francis Benjamin Quarshie, has called on Ghanaians to go to the polls on December 28 with love and hope “despite the tension and the uncertainties associated with it.”

Rt. Rev. Quarshie was delivering the sermon at the Koforidua St. Peter's Cathedral on Christmas Day.

He said the celebration of Christmas was the expression of appreciation of human beings for the fulfillment of God's promise for better things to come.

Rt. Rev. Quarshie said though all was not well with most Ghanaians where the situation was compounded with the worsening world financial situation, Christmas should remind all that “God is with us and care for us and has not abandoned us”.

He called on Ghanaians to let God direct them as they go to choose the next president of the country.

Rt. Rev. Quarshie urged Ghanaians to be seen to be supporting and encouraging each other and even when there is the need to criticize, it should be done in love.

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