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20.12.2008 Social News

Robbers go "mad" in court

By Ghanaian Times
Robbers go
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Two alleged armed robbers did the unthinkable in court yesterday. They defecated in court and attempted to eat the faeces.

The two, whose names were not given, had gone to the Fast Track High Court located in the Supreme Court build¬ing under police escort, for their case to be heard. While waiting, they suddenly removed their clothes and started shouting.

According to a court official who witnessed the scene, the police court orderlies quickly moved in to get them out of the court room, but realised they had defecated in their seats.

They smeared the faeces on their bodies and attempted to eat some but were prevented by the police. The floor of the court room was also smeared.

The two appeared not to be bothered as they were brought outside under a tree. Their condition attracted a large crowd some of whom took photographs of them in their nakedness.

Relatives of the two men watched the scene in apparent surprise until they were put into a 'police vehicle and driven away. .

The questions the obviously suspicious public asked were: How can two people be mad at the same time in the same hour, and at the same place?

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