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19.12.2008 Feature Article

The peoples of our nation Ghana go and vote tomorrow for a better Ghana

The peoples of our nation Ghana go and vote on the 28th. DecThe peoples of our nation Ghana go and vote on the 28th. Dec
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The peoples of our nation Ghana go and vote on the 28th. Dec. for the presidency for a better Ghana, and I also pray to the Gods of Ghana for peaceful election like every one does. That should not be taken for granted. Not when the party in power sees himself also as equal to the State of Ghana.

In any election in any where in the world, is to change the living standard of the citizen for better, therefore to me election is always DO OR DIE, you take your right by all means necessary, this is a normal norm of any living creature big or small, Ghanaians destiny on the 28 Dec. is in their thumbs

Is even more crucial if you have a ruling government or party in a nation where some 80 to 90% of the population are impoverish and the slogan of the ruling super human party is you grab as many properties as possible, Many in Ghana do not have more two or three skirts or trousers plus T- shirts.

the government of property owing party at all cost by all means with impunity

which is second to no example in any where, not even in any capitalist world.

The people of Ghana have been reduced the to level of scavengers, poverty level is enormous and drug abuse in Ghana is beyond reasonable doubt within the period of the ruling party, you name the negative development in any nation you have it in Ghana.

The people of my country Ghana have been abused, degraded, insulted and harassed for too long, land , bun gallows, vehicles, almost all the national assets have bee taken over by the property owing party or government, even the so called presidential palace, the once upon a time Flag Staffs House. While the people go to bed with empty stomach, no water, sleep in darkness been harassed by thieves in the night unemployment is enormous, and if you gain employment you have problem with your salary.

Majority people of Ghana die slowly at very early age, if they die a little bit more including my people to get a better Ghana where the future generation at least will have reasonably better, why not vote DO OR DIE.. 28th. Dec. is a day of referendum for Kufour and his allies and is a vote to survive or liquidation for Ghana, is a day you have to choose to vote to live in dignity with respect or die as . heroes

The people of Ghana must be tired of Super human people, master of men some time they claimed they are servant of God, vampires they suck the blood of the people of Ghana and keep us at perpetual state of wanting, and we credit food to survive YO GE GARI and our children are constantly sent out of school because we are unable to pay the school fees, while the children of the master of men schooled abroad with our taxes and all the grants we get from abroad for national development. We tell them we are hungry, without jobs, they say we are lazy, we say we need water to drink, they say we drink gutter water, we say the corruptions' are to much among the Kufour gang, they say we should keep quite because corruption is as old as MAN and they will continue to SHOP WA WA WA and we should be contented with Mangoes and Kokonte

Our Presidential election in Ghana on the 28th. Dec. is do or die, and when we die we die with pride and glory to make our nation great and strong and free from been oppressed and those who denied us our right we shall defend our rights and our Nation Ghana for ever And that is our pledge.

Suberu Salaam ------Stockholm Sweden

Suberu Salaam
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