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18.12.2008 Elections

NPP, NDC Lobby PNC Members

By Daily Graphic
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The failure of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the PNC to reach a consensus on which political party to support in the December 28, 2008 presidential run-off leaves the door open for the NPP and NDC to try again to win votes from members of the party.

So far, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) and the National Coalition of Floating Voters have given their support to the NPP, while the Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD) and the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) have also thrown their support behind the NDC.

The CPP is yet to state which political party it will support in the run-off.

The NEC members were divided in their decisions at the NEC's post-election 2008 meeting on Tuesday to consider proposals of the NDC and NPP.

At the end of the meeting, 19 of the NEC members voted for the NDC and the other 19 for the NPP.

The National Chairman of the PNC, Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, confirmed the meeting to the Daily Graphic, and said it was to determine the direction that the party would take in the run-off.

The Presidential candidate for the PNC in the 2008 election, Dr Edward Mahama, told the Daily Graphic that the determination of the direction of the party in the run-off was with the NEC.

He said he would support any decision that the NEC would come up with.

The PNC obtained 73,494, representing 0.87 per cent in the election. It placed fourth coming after the Convention People's Party (CPP).

The declaration of PNC's support to either the NPP or the NDC was crucial, since every vote counts in the run-off, considering the close contest between the two political parties in the December 7, 2008 election.

To that end, the leadership of the NDC and the NPP had made proposals to the leaders of all the minority political parties, with the view to winning them back to their sides.

With the failure of the NEC members of the PNC to throw its support behind any political party, both the NPP and the NDC executive members are strategising as to how to win the members of the PNC to their fold.

Several factors, including the manifestos and messages of the two political parties and the assurances of all inclusive government would play out significantly in who the supporters of the PNC will back in the presidential run-off.

Story by Musah Yahaya Jafaru

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