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10.12.2008 Elections

Tale of the figures

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The Ashanti National Democratic Congress (NDC) performed better than the Volta New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Election 2008 compared to Election 2004, according figures released by the Electoral Commission (EC).

The Ashanti NDC was able to increase its vote from 398,362 votes in 2004 to 423,185 votes in 2008, an increase of 24,823 votes.

On the contrary the Volta NPP lost 1,075 votes reducing its total votes from 100,659 votes in 2004 to 99,584 votes in 2008.

Notwithstanding the performance of the Ashanti NDC, the Region remains the bastion of NPP. The NDC should, therefore, go back to the drawing table to strategise on how to assail this impregnable fortress of NPP. The Region once again gave the NPP a whooping 734,368 more votes than what it gave to NDC.

Volta NPP would also have to put its act together if it were to make major inroads into the regional voting pattern. The members have to close their ranks and stop the infighting if they were to make any impact. The Volta NPP suffered the greatest defeat by allowing the Volta NDC to beat them by 451,462 votes. Ghana would be the winner if the two parties were able to move into each others' stronghold to garner substantial number of votes.

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