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04.12.2008 Feature Article


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Election 2008 is a few days away and all the political parties are going all out to ensure a one touch victory.

As usual Jerry Rawlings has also stepped up his campaign to come back to power through Professor Mills. After all we all know he controls the strings of Egya Atta's actions and decisions. Judging by the crowd that he is able to pull whenever he mounts a campaign platform, it is easy to be deceived that Ghanaians want the Junior Jesus to come back to power.

As far as Ghana politics is concerned, Jerry is very popular, no doubt. He has the charisma. He pulls large crowds. Indeed whenever you attend a function and Jerry is present, always expect him to do something out of the ordinary to draw extra attention. He is good at that and he never disappoints.

Back in the days, there used to be a popular chimpanzee at the Kumasi Zoo by the name 'Joe Blackie'. People from all walks of life trekked to the Kumasi Zoo purposefully to go and see this Popular Chimpanzee. Joe Blackie always had new tricks up its sleeves. It could smoke cigarettes, dance, dress up and undress, do make-ups, and perform many wonderful acts which endeared it to many people. During that period the fortunes of the Kumasi Zoo really went up because of the existence of Joe Blackie.

During that period, Ghana's non-traditional exports especially in banana went up. Inspite of people's love for Joe Blackie, nobody would invite him for a weekend on his/her banana farm because of his extra love for bananas

Rawlings is popular, true. Indeed, he is very popular. He has charisma, no doubt. But the NDC should be rest assured about this: the good people of Ghana will never put the destiny of the country into the hands of Jerry Rawlings because of his greed for political power. If he ever gets a hold on political power, he will never let go.

Remember, a vote for Professor Mills is a vote for Jerry Rawlings to come back to power.

A word to the wise….

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Yao Dagadu
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