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28.11.2008 Editorial

Shit-Bombing Politics

By Daily Guide
Shit-Bombing Politics

When the National Democratic Congress (NDC) finally secured a running mate after much wrangling, the party dangled in the face of Ghanaians, what its strategists said was a new political grouping.

  For a while the media watched to find out whether there was really going to be a change in the operations of the party.

The fourth estate of the realm particularly wanted to see whether the insults would give way to decent expressions about issues.

Many Ghanaians indeed asked whether the party could really depart from the path of violence and outrageous conduct.

The new NDC which Hon. John Dramani Mahama himself sought to present to his compatriots was a party without the Robbin Hood touch or to put it bluntly, an NDC without shit-bombing and militarism.

The party also sought to have the founder sit on the peripheries with no active role to play in the campaign efforts.

The answer as to whether the party has really shed its spots was provided last Saturday in Bonyere, Western Region.

In that peaceful coastal location, the Convention People's Party (CPP) was scheduled to open a new office but the NDC did not want the event to take place.

They re-enacted what they are used to doing- plastering human excreta on the premises.

We are saddened by the action which belies the NDC refrain of newness.

We can state without apprehension that nothing has changed about the NDC and we regret it that over the years the political grouping has defied change and continued in the path of violence and indecorous conduct.

We have observed with trepidation the silence from the leadership of the party to condemn such actions when they do take place.

Indeed they behaved in the same fashion when the previous shit-bombing took place in the premises of some newspaper houses.

Some leaders of the party even endorsed the action as being the appropriate response to the activities of those media houses.

We could not have expected anything more because after all, we reliably learnt later that those who undertook the filthy operation were paid to do so by government functionaries at the time.

It makes sense therefore when Ghanaians show fear about what could befall the country in the unlikely event of a Mills' victory.

We can state confidently that the country would certainly slip to the old order in which the rule of law was set aside and arbitrariness reigned.

We have not forgotten what Rawlings said some months ago. He told the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) that they should expand the Nsawam Prisons because his party when it comes to power would send many of its members to do time there.

So Rawlings is the candidate?

Dagombas have a saying that “the donkey was denied horns because of its evil intentions.” Can't it be applied to Rawlings whose only goal of seeking an NDC triumph is to reverse the progress chalked so far.

Ghanaians would not have any of it. The shit-bombing and abduction and killings would remain where they belong- dustbin of history.

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