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28.11.2008 International

Born With Heart On Her Chest

By Daily Guide

A BABY girl was born with her heart and part of her liver growing OUTSIDE her body.

Surgeons in India are now battling to save the four-day-old child and put her organs back in the right place.

Child specialist Miridula Chatterjee, from the Bengal medical college, said: "This is a very rare case.

"We are not sure if we can perform surgery to put her heart and liver back, but we'll try our best."

Last year surgeons in India saved the life of another child born with a rare abnormality.

Then two-year-old Lakshmi Tatma had eight limbs and a parasitic trunk of a conjoined twin with a shared kidney.

She underwent surgery in the south eastern Indian city of Bangalore.

The operation took 27 hours and Lakshmi has been able to live a relatively normal life since.

She has taken her first steps but requires ongoing corrective surgery to internal organs, her limbs and spine. The Sun