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28.11.2008 Feature Article

CPP’s ACHIEVEMENTS: NPP & P/NDC cannot match.

Let all Ghanaians and residents of our nation know this undisputed fact that the CPP built a nation of peace, tranquility and an economy of hope, freedom, justice and prosperity. But the saboteurs came to destroy them. In nine years CPP built a nation that was to become a middle income economy by 1983 and an advanced country by 1998. The combined 28 years of NPP & P/NDC achievements cannot even equate 7% of CPP's 9 years. This is a painful fact.
CPP government in nine years achieved/established the following:
1. Constructed the Tema Harbour 2. Free Medical Care for Everyone
3. Construction and Building Of Tema Housing Complex 4. Tema and Accra Motorway
5. Akosombo Dam (Providing Electricity & Waterways) 6. Ghana Airways Corporation
7. Compulsory Free Education for All Citizens 8. University of Legon Update
9. Ghana Mass Education 10. Okomfo Anokye Hospital
11. Polytechnics and Technical schools for All Regions 12. Ghana Medical School
13. National Cultural Center 14. Largest Man Made Dam, Volta River
15. Scholarships for Ghanaians to Study Abroad 16. Silos for Food Preservation,
17. Tema Food Complex, Gihoc 18. Ghana Film Industries
19. Investment Banks 20. Ghana Commercial Bank
21. Ghana Atomic Energy Commission 22. Ghana Shoe Factory
23. Ghana Jute Factory 24. Tomato Processing Factory, Wenchi
25. Dairy Farms at Amrahia And Avatime 26. Match Factory, Kade, Pwalugu
27. Ghana Glass Factory, Abuoso and Tarkwa 28. Gold Processing Factory, Prestia
29. Meat Processing Factory, Bolgatanga 30. Ghana Distilleries
31. Akasanoma Radio Factory 32. Bank of Ghana
33. Paper Processing Factory 34. GIHOC (Nsawam Cannery)
35. Ghana Cement Factory, Takoradi 36. Valco Tema Steel Factory
37. Ghana National Trading Corporation (GNTC) 38. Workers Brigade
39. Cocoa Marketing Board 40. Trade Union Congress (TUC)
41. Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute. 42. Farmers Council
43. Accra International Airport Refurbishment 44 Cape Coast University
45. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
46. Ghanum, (Ghana Household Utilities Manufacture, Sekondi-Effiekum)
47. Organisation of African Unity and Progressive Foreign Affairs around the World
48. Hard Cash Purchase of Houses for Ghana High Commission eg. New York & London
49. Ghana Black Star Starline with Almost Fifteen Ships
50. State Hotels (Star, Meridian, Ambassador, Continental, Atlantic, City Hotel) Catering Rest Houses
51. New Army Headquarters in Volta Region, Sunyani, Bolgatanga, Tema and Takoradi
52. Ghana Education Trust schools: hundreds of secondary schools and thousands of primary and middle schools.
53. CPP championed the struggle for national liberation in Africa and succeeded..within seven years of Ghana's independence over 30 African countries had attained independence.
Almost all the factories and institutions above and many more were irresponsibly sold and destroyed by P/NDC to their cronies under the nonsensical Structural Adjustment Program (SAP & ERP) The NPP dishonestly handed over remaining to the so-called “investors”.
In the coming elections, a vote for P/NDC is a vote for JJ Rawlings, meaning a continuation of 19 years misrule, intimidation and destruction, annihilation of our educational system, and infrastructure. P/NDC had no economic policy and therefore had to borrow one from the IMF/World Bank- a policy that sought/seeks to make an economy subservient, dependent and enslaved to the Western Capitalist domination. Read Confessions of Economic Hitman- by John Perkins.

A vote for NPP is a road map and a bridge to nowhere: more of corruption, armed robbery, mass unemployment, poverty and diseases, mass sale of national assets, flooding of our markets with western factory rejects, mass infiltration of dirty foreign culture.
A cautionary note here: We should not be surprised to wake up one morning to the news that Ghana and its people have been sold to a foreign country for decorative medals(knighthood)

After reading through the above achievement of the CPP, one is tempted to ask why were the industries recklessly destroyed by NPP and P/NDC? The answer is this. Right from the beginning of emancipation struggles to and beyond independence, the UGCC and later the UP had no policies and were bent on destroying the country with agitation for a federal state. CPP won the intellectual argument for a unitary state. As a result of this and the total humiliation suffered by UP in subsequent elections, they resorted to conniving with outside forces (CIA) to destabilise Ghana. This was after bombings and personal assassination attempts on Nkrumah had failed. The 24 February 1966 coup was the beginning of the end of Ghana and Africa's economic and political journey. CPP was banned. The ban was later reinforced by P/NDC for their hidden agenda. The Convention Peoples Party was born again on 11 August 1998 after some court battles.

P/NDC and NPP have sold or destroyed all the institutions, factories and all what Nkrumah and CPP stood for. They wanted to and still want to rewrite Ghana's socio-political history but they cannot, they will fail big time. At the time of the 66 coup CPP had 90% completed a gold refinery in the Western Region where Ghana was to refined gold and have leverage on world market prices. The agents who helped in destabilizing our dear nation told these criminals (NLC) not to continue with the refinery. As we speak the ruined plant is still standing for all to see. What is wrong with our mentality? What a shame. The Young Pioneer movement was to build sense of patriotism in all Ghanaians. Botswana copied and implemented CPP ideals and ideas and if you want to see the most patriotic nation in Africa go to Botswana. 99.9999% of the citizens in Botswana will tell you that their nation comes first. They are very incorruptible people. Please refer to previous article:

The Golden Age of Business has become the Golden Age of Darkness. Most of the trees and forests which shelter Akosombo Dam have been deforested and lack of maintenance, means Ghana has no reliable source of energy. So, without an efficient and reliable source of energy, how can the Golden Age of Business take off? How many industries are operating in the country anyway? P/NDC and NPP did not foresee that the Akosombo Dam has a life span and that alternative source of energy must be pursued. Ironically the NPP has recently revisited Bui Dam project started by the CPP and offered its construction to a Chinese company.
Colonial powers were in Ghana for centuries but tell me how many schools, industries, hospitals, roads and railway lines did they construct? The few they built were only meant for transporting their loots to the ports. God sent Kwame and the CPP to safe Ghana and Africa and for 9 years CPP built all that you read above.

Can someone tell me what NPP(8 yrs) and PNDC(19 yrs) did? Intimidation, oppression, drugs, corruption, armed robbery, mass unemployment, poverty and diseases, mass sale of national assets, divide and rule, Neglect of the Northern part of the country, flooding of our markets with western factory rejects, mass infiltration of dirty foreign culture, lacklustre performance of some politicians, telecom companies have been given the free range to milk the system. A hotel is hastily bought supposedly by a President son, Bawumia, (Bank of Ghana) a rookie NPP political infant is strangely rewarded Vice Presidential Candidacy; hahahahaha. Can someone give me a term to describe this? So why is it that the President's son could not afford the hotel prior to NPP administration?
Is it not the same NPP that rejected these young guys-Alan Kyeremanteng, Dan Botwe, Kwabena Agyapong, Dr. Arthur Kennedy, Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, Felix Agyapong, Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, Papa Owusu Ankomah, saying they haven't matured enough? Ladies and gentlemen has Bawumia matured in NPP Politics more than the above? woow! Wonders will never end!!
What disturbs me most is that Bawumai served on the Board of Ghana Telecom. It was under Bawumia's watch and directorship that Ghana Telecom failed/mismanaged. NPP found it necessary then to sell Ghana Telecom. This is the same Bawumia who may become a vice President of a whole country. My question then is if Bawumia wasn't capable of directing the affairs of Ghana Telecom, what makes you believe that he can handle the challenges as a vice president of a country? This is not the time for babysitting; our nation needs capable people to make prudent decisions. I give him credit for his academic credentials but academic wisdom and working wisdom have no correlation.
The Zero tolerance to corruption trumpeted by the NPP is laughable and a sham.

Fellow Ghanaians the CPP has been born again. We are coming to rescue the nation from saboteurs who have destroyed decent human existence/livelihood. CPP will strengthen the judiciary and make laws work: CPP will implement Nkrumah's 7-year development plan in present day context. CPP will reintroduce mass education on issues. We will have a special go at emphasizing sustainable employment and economic demand management.

NPP and PNDC have obliterated our environment, left it to decay with reckless looting of our resources leading to diseases and poverty instead of ensuring the continual adjustments to meet the social - economic needs of Ghanaians. CPP will preserve the environment's ability to support social and economic needs of Ghanaians. Go to the mining areas to see for yourselves. The villagers have no one to speak on their behalf because the very officers who are to speak for them have been bought by these looters. CPP will immediately bring sanity, hope and livelihood to our mining communities.
Members of the NPP and P/NDC must for truth and honest sake admit that they have failed miserably. Where is our country is heading?

Call your families, run to your villages and tell ALL that the P/NDC and NPP have destroyed what the CPP built. But God is a God of second chance. He has given Ghana a second chance and CPP is coming back.
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made this statement on 2nd October, 1962 at the National Assembly. He said:
"What makes a nations pillars high? Not gold, but only man can make.
A people great and strong... Men who for truth and honour's sake stand
Fast and suffer long.... To build a nation's pillars deep.
And lift them to the sky ".

Presidents Kuffour and Rawlings, please do us favour by answering these questions.
1.Have you or did you for truth and honest sake serve Ghana, stood fast, suffered long, sacrificed and made sure your subjects (Ghanaians), ate first, clothed first, sought medication first, and slept first before you?
2.How deep have/did you and your admiinistration build the nations' pillars?

I will strongly propose that this soul searching and patriotic words of wisdom be enacted as oath for all men and women before they take political office in Ghana.

In summary, there is only one alternative. If we want to leave a healthy and prosperous nation for the youth and the coming generation, we MUST Vote for the CPP.

Mother Ghana is wailing in tears and beckoning CPP: her kids are hungry and impoverished.

They tried to destroy us but failed. She is calling her sons and daughters and none forsakes,
Cry it loud, and shout it hurrah! Time has come, so hail!
CPP, Africa needs you!
CPP now awake, rights to see:
We shall fight for dearest liberty and dignity.
History tells this awful truth,
CPP has come to rescue bleeding mother Ghana.
Forget not the past; contemplate your future by the experiences you have had.
The homeland calls to you; For Victory is near at hand,
So march ye with fontomfrom. Wave high the Akokonini banner;
No foe shall win the glorious day, Shout ye, and march and pray;
Our God is leading us. March on and fear no storm. Our day is coming
For God on evil things will frown:

Yen Ara Yasasi Ni.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Kweku Manful
Vice-Chair CPP North America.

Kweku Manful
Kweku Manful, © 2008

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