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27.11.2008 Education


By Doris Mensah (ISD)

The Ghana Education Service Model Nursery School in Accra yesterday launched its 40th anniversary with the theme, 'Building the Foundation Bricks for the Next Generation'.

The school which was established in 1969  aimed at providing a super structure for the nursery concept in the country and to serve as a demonstration facility for the training of pre -school teachers.

Speaking at the launch, the Metro Director of Education Mr Okaidja Dinsey said government has decided that kindergarten education should progressively become part of the Universal Free and Compulsory Basic

Education structure as indicated in the 2007 Educational Reform.

Mr Okaidja Dinsey added that government will also provide resources to support the expansion of kindergarten facilities by District Assemblies, Non- Governmental Organisations, Churches and the local communities among others.

He said it is the expectation of government that by the implementation of this policy, every Ghanaian child of school going age will have access to kindergarten education. This he said would prepare the child adequately before entering primary school to start formal education.

Mr Okaidja Dinsey stressed that for children to be well-balanced individuals with the requisite knowledge skills, values, aptitudes and attitude, they need the help of well trained and good quality pre-school teachers who will dedicate their time to help nurture them.

He urged pre-school teachers and proprietors to position themselves well to meet the current challenges of learning through technological advancement, in key areas of development such as Information Communication and Technology (ICT), language and reasoning skills among others.

Mr Okaidja Dinsey took the platform to appeal to all Ghanaians to work toward a peaceful election so as to ensure the safety of their children. Parents and teachers must also educate children about the adverse effect of war and violence for them to know the impact it will have on their lives  as children.

The chairman for the occasion Mr Kwabena Abankwa Yeboah, observed that Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and the influx of foreign culture has had a great influence on school pupils as well as parents themselves. Children are now well abreast with the modern trends of using the internet for various purposes for which at times the parents and teachers do not know.

He urged parents and teachers to be mindful of what they allow their children to watch, their utterances and actions, since whatever the children see or hear has a great impact on their lives.