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25.11.2008 Regional News

Stinky water at La again

Stinky water at La again

Unwholesome water that flowed through the taps of parts of La in Accra a couple of months ago has started flowing in the same area, according to information gathered by the Ghana News Agency.

Mr Stanley Martey, Communications Manager of Aqua Vitens Rand Limited (AVRL), managers of the urban water system, confirmed that unwholesome water was once again flowing through the tap, but AVRL was monitoring the situation.

He stressed that the unwholesome water was not from source but could be linked to leakage(s) within the community as was the case previously.

“I wish residents would understand that the fault is not from us so they need to be patient with us as we try to solve the problem,” he told the GNA.

The GNA reported last September that some houses on Abentia Block within the La Olympia community had unwholesome water flowing through their taps.

Following the GNA's report, an AVRL team moved in and discovered a leakage from a broken underground pipe due to the construction of a residential fence wall on the pipeline.

It was also discovered that the dirty stinky water was waste water from a tie and die factory near where the leakage occurred.

Days after AVRL discovered and sealed the leakage, the unwholesome water flowed again requiring a more comprehensive job to seal the leakage and flush the pipelines thoroughly.

Two months on, the bad water now has no colour but it smells just as bad as before.

Residents of the area have complained to AVRL and they have been assured of some intervention soon.