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24.11.2008 Feature Article

‘We Are Moving Forward’ VRS ‘Change’

A lot of people are asking what the NDC 'change' agenda in this year's campaign really means. Expectedly no one seems to understand what they mean by 'change'. To those people the NDC has no moral right to claim the 'change' agenda. It is a fact that it was the CPP who originally coined the change slogan and many people are wondering why the opposition NDC should 'steal' such a slogan and abandon their 'sankofa 'slogan.

For me, I sincerely believe that it is rather the NDC which has to change (reform) its posture in Ghana politics and not a change of the NPP government. Ghanaians should scrutinise the utterances, behaviour and the various press conferences of the NDC and one will be in no doubt in his/her thinking about the party that has to change. Sometimes I do not begrudge the NDC so much, for their military background paralyses them from fully embracing democracy, but the time is ripe for them to change/reform the party.

Today the NDC has persistently complained about everything. They don't trust the Military, Police, EC, Judiciary, Media, and Pastors and have sadly extended their mistrust to foreign observers who are in the country to monitor the election. During the NDC recent launch of their manifestos at the Trade Fair Centre, they had the guts to complain to the whole world that a reported power cut in some parts of the north is a ploy by their opponent –NPP-to deny their supporters in the north to view their manifesto launch. Ghanaians should not be surprised that soon the NDC will complain even about the air .I'm always at a lost why some members of the NDC could bury all their educational qualifications and allow propaganda to submerge them. Again I do not understand why their excellent lecturer, Prof Atta Mills is unable to control his men. The NDC is prepared to insult everybody without showing the slightest respect to the presidency and people in authority. The pro-NDC papers are very distasteful to read. I will not mince words; the utterances from their propaganda team send shivers through majority of Ghanaians and have asked what these people are inculcating into the youth of Ghana.

Obviously there are problems in the country but a more melancholy posture from the NDC and refraining from these unnecessary 'militant and bazooka' tactics could have given them a little sympathy from Ghanaians. So if there is a demand for change, it is rather the NDC that has to change its modus operandi.

But most importantly ,why should the NDC glamour for a change of government in Ghana when the actual change took place in 2000?Significantly, it is very puzzling why we should change the NPP which has done a massive job for this country and foundation laid can only be deepen by an Akufo Addo government. Again, the NDC alternative agenda and attitude will rather send this country to hell, that is the truth! Frankly, in spite of all the defects in the NPP government, Ghanaians will undoubtedly be well-off under an NPP Government than otherwise. Today the massive road infrastructure network taking place in the country is unprecedented in the history of this country. Not only are roads being constructed but international designs are being added to the beatification of our roads. The total road network as at 2000 in Ghana stood at 39,000km,today it has shot up to 74,000km.So why should we change the NPP, change to what?

On education, more school buildings are being constructed, enrolment to both primary, secondary and tertiary education have increased massively, children are being given free meals and transport, Teachers salaries have been increased 5 times by the NPP government, though more welfare packages have to be explored for our gallant teachers, it is well-documented that the NPP government has done extremely well for teachers. So why should we change a party that is bringing more innovation and creativity to the educational sector? Nana Akufo Addo will surely accelerate the pace of the educational agenda.

Today the umbrella of fear and intimidation that businesswo/men have in the country have been destroyed giving way for all manner of people who have money to engage in decent business without the fear of socialist takeover of their wealth. It is greatly refreshing the sheer number of investors who are trooping into the country to invest thereby creating wealth and jobs for our people. The NPP flamboyant flag bearer Nana Akufo Addo, a staunch believer of the Rule of Law will surely move forward the agenda of encouraging more foreign investors and Ghanaian entrepreneurs in the Diaspora to invest in the country. He has already pledged to put a team in place to explore the chance to establish a factory or an industry in each region depending on the raw materials or the environment in that region. We are indeed moving forward! The P/NDC Machiavellian attitude where genuine wealth creators were monitored and destroyed are longed gone and there is no way Ghanaians will 'sankafoed' these people back to government until they themselves change/reformed.

The P/NDC thought Journalists have so soon forgotten how they policed and used cadres/militia to intimidate them to succumb to the P/NDC dictate. Ghanaians are not ignorant that in Article 6 of the NDC constitution they maintained that the NDC rotates on the belief or the philosophy of their Leader and Founder-Mr.Jerry Rawlings. Frankly, if the NPP government was that wicked, papers such as Lens, Democrats, Weekly Standard, etc could not have survived. Cowardly and immorally so many of these editors/writers of the pro-NDC papers used different names (aliases) as smokescreen in writing those papers/articles. Some have even failed to honour their tax obligations. Many people have asked, rightly so, why the NPP government has allowed those papers and their owners to get away, but the NPP belief in the rule of law, allowing mandated public institutions to do their work has been phenomenal.

Sometimes I mumbled why all these finest Government initiatives-NHIS, Mass Transport Transit, prudent economy management, reforms in the public sector, procurement Act, Audit Act, freedom of speech, creation of investor friendly environment, Cocoa spraying etc could not be appreciated by the NDC, perhaps they have different lenses.

Truly some of us are not entirely happy about our developmental journey but believe that so much have been achieved by the NPP government and research exist in other countries that a party that laid a solid foundation is allowed to finish with its agenda. I was amazed when a former NDC member (now with the NPP) said “P/NDC had had 19years in government, so it is logical that the NPP is also given at least 16years''For me it is irrelevant, the most important question that must be asked, is the NDC the best alternative? NO. Until the NDC imbued into all their Executives democratic tenets as well as institute democratic structures, they are not the panacea for our economic emancipation. It does not make sense to change a driver who is driving well and safe for another driver. For sure the direction taken by the NPP government is the best for the country and surely Ghanaians will send a categorical message to the NDC that until they reformed their party and behaviour, they have no business coming back to government. The NDC should dispatch independent observers to the rural areas and will be shocked that even the rural folks are not happy about the NDC behaviour and tactics.

All indications point to a victory for the “We Are Moving Forward'' disciples.


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