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24.11.2008 Feature Article

Can NDC Win Election 2008? No Way!

One wonders how sanguine the expectations of the NDC are to capturing the National elections by either "one touch or a million touches". The frivolous persistency at which the stalwarts and the entire NDC apparatchiks are insanely stoking the fire of hell with their intended rain of brimstone on Ghana leaves one gasping for breath. The NDC as a party founded by a bunch of murderous usurpers will surely always have that trait, or quest for blood in it. They are like the bloodsucking tsetse fly that smells blood miles away and does not hesitate to fly that direction in search of its feed. The party has its foundations deeply entrenched or embedded in violence, murders and theft. Theft in the sense of being solely state-sponsored by J.J. Rawlings dipping his hands into the state coffers to fund it hence, being the obvious sole cultic-founder of the party.

It is quite a disgrace to see the NDC always spewing threats years ahead of the impending December 7 elections. They are clueless on winning modern day democratic elections but still think violence and baseless intimidations will do them the trick. They still seem to live in that era of the "Abongo or Zombie" Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) or Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) where what the master says goes. They have got it all wrong if they stringently still do believe that Ghanaians can be cowered to vote them into power by such absurd infantile behaviour.

Winning multi-party elections is all about being able to persuade or convince the electorates about your worthiness by the measure of the soundness of your intended implementable policies. It is not about threatening to kill them should they not vote for you as is being preached or propagated by the NDC's College of Propaganda. This act of insanity on the part of the NDC purporting to render all Ghanaians fools or cowards should be a sufficient reason to vote against them. This will prove to would-be intimidators that gone are the days when people could be bullied, whipped in-between their legs and compelled to submit or succumb to the master's deplorable whims and caprices.

What are the NDC's solutions to the teeming problems facing Ghana as a third world nation struggling to swim with the head above the waters? How do they plan to strengthen and enrich our human resource base to make Ghanaians more competitive? They should talk about how best to better our education, job opportunities, healthcare system, social infrastructure and how to reduce our over dependency on foreign donors, just but to mention a few.

I personally find it difficult to understand why all in the NDC camp are striving to satisfy only one person that is J.J. Rawlings? Upon all his established boomerangs, we have still got this army of supporters suffering from Anti-Moral Deficiency Syndrome (AMDS), but like "Ever ready battery" to lend him their unceasing allegiance. He has even hypnotised not less a person than Professor "Asomdweehene" John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills himself. Fiifi will be more a puppet with a string attached to his waist and pulled on by Rawlings to dance the "Pete dancing" (vulture dancing) of the old circus days. Have you ever seen a vulture with difficulty swallowing or gulping down a stolen meat, how it stretches the neck repeatedly while hopping around? Ghanaians are not in for fun, I am afraid not, Mr. Fiifi.

I appeal for peace and the discontinuation of the madness in most of the NDC people. Take my fellow disgraced Londoner, Prince Kassim for example. He has orchestrated a dubious polling intended to give credence to the anticipated diabolism of the NDC in December should they fail to win the elections. Thanks God he was caught with his pants down and this crime will make him a byword through the ages. While sitting in the comfort of his gratuitous London council flat, he conjured figures for an opinion poll declaring Professor Atta Mills of the NDC a winner with 53 percentile of the votes cast. He was preparing the fertile ground for the NDC's resolutely determined visitation of mayhem on Ghana should they vanquish at the elections which they certainly will by my never-failed predictions. They will then surely have come out with their nonsensical contestation that the opinion polls did favour them so the election has been rigged. Who then has rigged the elections? Is it the NDC with that hidden warped agenda but fortunately uncovered and nipped in the bud or the NPP or CPP that genuinely wins the elections?

As long as the NDC cannot submit cogent manifesto, do away with their childish threatening ploys and campaign as sensible beings, they will be assigned to the abyss of oblivion. Anyone can bet me on this and I will win hands-down. Could the NDC skilfully parry this assertion of mine with a clever reply? I expect that so-called General Mosquito, the carrier of deadly malaria disease to come out clean on my accusations against the NDC. As long as the NDC are short-circuited on election winning issues, they will continue to moan, always crying foul until thy Kingdom come. Ghanaians are never scared of the moronic pronouncements of threats by the NDC. Should there be any political upheavals leading to some sort of massacres, the NDCs will suffer the brunt of it., mark my words. We desire peace but not violence.

"Mo nto ma no, mo nto ma no, Nana Akuffo-Addo na eko" Ghana is moving FORWARD with the bulldozing ELEPHANT.

Rockson Adofo, London

Rockson Adofo
Rockson Adofo, © 2008

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