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23.11.2008 Business & Finance

NAPRM's role explained

NAPRM's role explained

The National African Peer Review Mechanism (NAPRM), was not established to seek donor funding for Ghana or a programme that belong to any political party or government.

The sole objective of the APRM is to improve upon good governance, address problems of development and assist in the eradication of poverty in the country.

Dr. Francis Appiah, Executive Secretary of the National Africa Peer Review Mechanism Governing Council (NAPRM-GC), said these at the inauguration of the Gushiegu and Karaga APRM oversight committees in Gushiegu on Thursday.

He dispelled the notion that the APRM was the creation of the Kufuor administration and explained that it was a national programme which had been voluntarily embraced by several governments in Africa.

Dr, Appiah said the programme would continue to exist irrespective of which government was in power.

He indicated that Ghana was championing the APRM because it had resolved to move away from the system of one party state, corruption and the lack of fundamental freedom, which he said were indices of underdevelopment.

Dr. Appiah said the world was watching Ghana in the upcoming elections if it could avoid becoming another Kenya or Zimbabwe.

He said Ghana stood the risk of been suspended from the APRM if the country was plunged into turmoil as a result of disputed elections.

Dr. Appiah said the establishment of a Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs, the introduction of School Feeding Programme and the enactment of the bill for the establishment of the Northern Development Fund were all some of the modest achievements of the APRM through its interventions and suggestions.

He said the oversight committees were a decentralized arm of the APRM Governing Council and charged members to sensitise the people on what the organisation was about and also monitor and evaluate the progress of development in their communities.

Reverend Dr. Paul Bemile, Catholic Bishop of Wa, who inaugurated the oversight committees, urged members to let their work be guided by competence and professionalism.

He reminded them that their work was sacrificial and they should be dedicated to work for the development of their communities adding “Every member should make the APRM a household word”.