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22.11.2008 Feature Article

To get an ex back-the five things you don't do.

Five ways NEVER to get your ex back your wrote by Rob thorburn

Unless you're the kind of person who thinks the best way to is 'ask for an omelette', READ THE FOLLOWING TIPS.

These are the ways to GUARANTEE that you'll drive your ex away, probably for good. So, if you never want to get your ex back

1. Stalk them. What does this mean? Constant phone calls, text messages, 'bumping into them' at parties, on the street, in the workplace … and generally not letting them out of your sight.

2. Display jealousy. Such a common mistake, but it speaks for itself. It doesn't work and is no way to win your ex back

3. Turn into wet spaghetti. Shower your ex with gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates etc. Insist constantly how much you love them! Why not try using 'emotional blackmail', for example sending them past tokens of your relationship (copies of 'our song', pictures of the pair of you on holiday, etc etc)?

4. Antagonize them. Yes – turn up the volume, threaten to use force, bully them a little, shout and REALLY try to make them feel guilty. Annoying your ex like this will drive them away quicker than a chauffeured Ferrari. Obvious, really.

5. Use tit-for-tat. Okay, so your ex painted your gerbil green. Naturally if you paint their dog red they will feel a lot happier about you (joke). If your ex does something you don't like and you descend to their level, don't be surprised if they don't want to see you again.

6. Not be yourself. So you think your ex might prefer the 'superhero' version of you, or the 'film-star' version of you. Sure. If your ex is the kind of person who would LIKE to date a fake. But your ex is the first person who'll see through it, and will just think you're a joke.

If you're not trying to get rid of them but would actually like to get ur ex back, what's required is

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