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20.11.2008 Religion

Pastors/Prophets advertising themselves on the streets of Accra

By Naa Betty Nelson - Ghanaian Chronicle

Most of the pavements and at some junctions on the streets of Accra have now been turned into advertising spots. This is done by the Orthodox, Baptist, Charismatic churches etc.

It has come to the notice of the Accra File that most churches in Accra have found the another way of making popularising their churches by attaching pictures of the pastors and founders on a billboard indicating directions to their churches.

This is a bother to most people in Accra.

But the question is, what is the motive behind this, when a founder or a general overseer of a church boldly places his photograph on a board directing people to the church.

Finding views from people as to what they think about these 'Pastors Picture Boards,' some said they wanted to advertise themselves for people to know that they were the founders of the church.

Others also say they showcase themselves because they want the public to know how handsome they are. They continued to say that most Christians, especially women, do not go to church to worship God, but the pastor and what he is capable of doing.

This mostly happens in the 'prophetic' churches.

“Some Christians have made their pastors the God they serve. They tell them almost every problem, bordering mostly on marital problems, so when the pastor is not around they do not go to church, unless the he comes down. In fact, some people have the pastors as their God, which is not right.

The Accra File further realised that these boards, placed at the edges of the streets and on the pavements, could be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians, more especially commercial drivers.

This is because commercial vehicles normally stop at every junction either to pick or drop passengers.

A driver may loose concentration as the board would distract him. This could cause accidents, which may lead to injuries and loss of lives.

It can also cause road accidents, because most of these pictures are almost in the roads, most especially the Dansoman Sahara road leading to Exhibition and to the Last Stop.

One would know that since there are no pavements on these roads, the boards are placed just at the edge, and most drivers find it difficult when parking, especially in the evenings.