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20.11.2008 Elections

Osei-Ameyaw `buries` NDC in Asuogyaman

By Bismark Bebli - Ghanaian Chronicle

WITH LESS than a month to go for the general elections, Mr. Kofi Osei Ameyaw, the sitting New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asuogyaman Constituency in the Eastern Region, has already buried the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Most NDC members are now crossing carpet to the NPP, as a result of the aggressive campaign embarked upon by Osei Ameyaw, who is also the deputy Minister for Tourism and Diasporian Relations.

Even though the NPP has been losing the presidential votes to the NDC in the constituency, the NPP candidate pledged to reverse the trend in the upcoming elections.

According to the MP, who has embarked upon a vigorous campaign, devoid of personal attacks, it appeared that the NDC's dream of retaining the seat would be a nine day wonder, for the reason that they had been overshadowed by the aggressive campaign by himself and his team.

As a result of the daily defections that are hitting the NDC and the massive inroads that the NPP party is making in the Ewe, Hausa and Krobo communities of the constituency, the MP has decided to transform the constituency into the “world bank” of the NPP.

Last Sunday 43 NDC members in Professor Mills' T-shirts, who were returning from a keep fit, approached Osei Ameyaw at Atipomku-Akosombo, and declared their intention to join the NPP.

According to their leader, Daniel Atsu, their party was constantly reducing its popularity in the constituency, so they had also decided to join the winning team.

After a short interaction, they dumped the NDC T-shirts, and wore the NPP ones to demonstrate their determination to align with NPP.

What gives credibility to the defection story, is the fact that the Ewe communities like Abome, Combine, Dodikope, Frankadua and Fintey among others, where the NPP were stoned four years ago, are now fertile grounds for the party, with reports that these areas now clamour for NPP T-shirts.

The entire constituency has been awash with NPP paraphernalia, such as giant billboards, posters and T-shirts among others.

As the MP toured the areas in the evenings with his mobile Mega soundz truck to entertain and mobilise the rural folks, more and more people joined the campaign trail and danced the kangaroo, and then rounded it up with a message of hope and the achievements of the NPP administration.