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19.11.2008 Elections

Stop reckless driving, we need your votes- NDC pleads with supporters

By Clement Boteng, Wa - Ghanaian Chronicle

THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Wa Central Constituency, Mr. Rashid Pelpuo, has advised members and supporters of the party, particularly his constituents, to put an end to reckless riding and driving during campaigns.

Speaking at a mini rally held in Wa to welcome him to his constituency, Mr. Pelpuo, who is the incumbent member of Parliament (MP), noted that politics was about numbers, indicating that the vote of every individual was very important, especially in crucial elections of this nature, since just a vote could either bring victory or otherwise.

“Please we need you alive to vote for the NDC,” Mr. Pelpuo pleaded, and consequently entreated them to strictly observe traffic regulations to avoid accidents, so that they would all live to celebrate the victory of the NDC in the constituency, and the country at large, come December 7.

The parliamentary candidate's advice was necessitated by the increasing incidence of motor accidents, resulting from the usual hooliganism associated with political campaigns, which more often than not, claimed precious and productive lives even before the election day.

Mr. Pelpuo implored his constituents to retain him for parliament, and bring on board Prof. Mills as the next president, to accelerate development in the constituency, the region, and the nation.

He indicated that the deceits of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) were glaring, because they had failed to provide jobs, security and the real development they promised Ghanaians. He cited the high cost of education at the senior high school and tertiary levels, soaring prices of goods and services among others, as some of the legacies of the NPP.

Speaker after speaker stressed on the need to bring the NDC back to power, describing the presidential candidate as the most honest, incorruptible and development-oriented among all the candidates.

The NDC Chairman of the Wa Central Constituency, Alhaji Seidu Jamatutu, was optimistic that the NDC would have a landslide victory come December 7, explaining that discerning Ghanaians had tested water and wine, and now know the difference.

The Upper East Regional Vice President of Tertiary Institutions Network (TEIN) of the NDC, Prince Iddrisu Mahammoud, a native of Chiari, and hometown of the NPP parliamentary candidate, who is also the Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Clement Eledi, urged the electorate to shun him because even the people of his hometown had rejected him, due to his inability to effect development in the area.

According to him, Mr. Eledi's position as Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, had not benefited even farmers of his hometown, let alone the entire constituency, and called on the electorate to retain the incumbent MP and vote for Prof. Mills, if they really wanted development.

Inaugurating the Teahesong and Kandabanye NDC youth clubs, a leading member of the party, Mr. Yahaya Abdul-Rahaman, affectionately called 'Rahaman Old,' urged the youth to be strong and firm but peaceful in their endeavours, “because NDC is a peaceful political party.”