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19.11.2008 Education

GES Closes 2008 Admissions Under CSSPS

Parents who are refusing to accept the final admission offer for their children to senior high schools (SHS) may have to find alternative schools for their wards.

Most of the candidates who were placed during the recent mop up exercise are refusing to collect their admission letters because their parents consider those schools to which they have been admitted as less endowed and not good enough for their children.

Due to the lukewarm attitude of parents towards the exercise, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has decided to close admissions under the Computerised Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) for this year.

In an interview, the Director of the Basic and Secondary Education Unit of the GES, Mr Stephen Adu, said the GES had done everything possible to place about 98 per cent of the qualified candidates. Therefore, parents who were not satisfied with the schools offered their children would have to send their children to community schools or private ones.

Last week, the GES successfully placed 16,764 candidates, which brought the total number of candidates placed in second-cycle schools this year to 156,242. Despite that number, the GES is left with as many as 16,000 qualified Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates.

The first batch of 139,478 qualified candidates was placed in September this year, along with 1,579 re-entry candidates who were placed in SHS and technical institutions.

giving an insight into how the backlog occurred, Mr Adu said the candidates failed to take advantage of the mop up programme to contact the heads of their former junior high schools (JHS) to find placements in second-cycle schools with vacancies.

Mr Adu said for the 16,000 candidates, all they needed to do was contact heads of community SHS with vacancies for placement or the heads of their basic schools and chose from the list of vacant schools.

He said heads of community schools were expected to present the names of the qualified candidates they had admited to the GES to formalise their placement in second-cycle schools.

During the mop up exercise, only 287 schools declared vacancies after the initial placement.

“This, obviously, shows that most of the public SHS are full and cannot be overstretched just to please some parents,” he said.

Story by Hadiza Billa Quansah