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19.11.2008 Editorial

A Catholic Admonition

By Daily Guide
A Catholic Admonition

The nation's Roman Catholic bishops have spoken about the political situation mincing no words at what they described as the opprobrious utterances by some politicians.

We are glad at the observation by the clergymen but would have rather names were mentioned. Maybe we are demanding too much from such spiritually exalted personalities who should avoid being blunt in matters as sensitive as our kind of politics.

We have said for umpteenth times that some utterances are highly inflammatory and should not be allowed in the country especially as we inch closer to the general elections.

Unfortunately however, Ghanaians have merely glossed over the anomaly, prompting the sources to perhaps think that there is nothing unseemly about their remarks.

The Catholic Bishops spoke our minds when they stated that such provocative remarks only serve to raise the political temperature in the country.

The aim of such mischievous politicians is to raise the political temperature and so it is not as if they do not know what they are doing.

Any bona fide Ghanaian would avoid those things which would be inimical to the interest of the nation.

Not so though so for others whose stock-in-trade is to disturb the hornets' nest with remarks which are not only mendacious but injurious to the cohesiveness of our motherland.

The nation's founding fathers did not reach the stage they did on a silver platter and so for someone to attempt reversing the gains made this far through unbridled and careless use of his or her tongue is to say the least, most irresponsible and unpatriotic.

The new wind of freedom which blew across the nation when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was mandated by the people of Ghana to take over the reins of government has witnessed a number of abuses by mischievous persons.

While some have done this on the airwaves, others have preferred to air their acerbic views on political rally platforms.

We are pleased at the concerns raised by the Catholic Bishops when they organized their plenary meeting to discuss very important issues about the country.

There is no doubt that the impending elections are the most outstanding assignment facing every Ghanaian.

While this is so, we do not think that we should resort to things which could tear our country apart.

That is why all of us, indeed all of us, who can point at family houses in towns, villages and hamlets, should join hands with respectable organizations like the Catholic Church and others to say no to people who fan sentiments which have the tendency to inflame passions and raise unduly the political temperature.

It is our belief that should highly revered religious organizations like the Catholic Church and others sermonize on the need for peace and shunning of foul-mouthed politicians, we would have taken an important step towards bringing down the political temperature and confining to the backburner the unproductive activities of irresponsible spent politicians.

Such elements have engaged in this dangerous and unproductive pastime for sometime now with little or nothing done to stop them in their tracks.

Like the Catholic Church we too prefer avoiding names knowing fully well that all Ghanaians know the defaulters. Bravo Catholic Church for the catholic concerns.

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