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19.11.2008 Crime & Punishment

Rana Motors Worker Assaults Two Cops

> Rana Motors Worker Assaults Two Cops

Two officers of the Central Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Police Service yesterday allegedly received severe bites and beatings from a worker of the Rana Motors.

Two officers of the Central Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Police Service yesterday allegedly received severe bites and beatings from a worker of the Rana Motors.

Mr Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat of Rana Motors allegedly head-butted one of the policemen, Corporal Thomas Ackah, for cautioning his driver for dangerous driving and followed that with a blow.

That resulted in a scuffle which attracted the attention of Lance Corporal Elorm Kpodo who was directing traffic at the Graphic traffic lights.

Mr Odaymat allegedly resisted arrest and subjected the two policemen to severe beatings, resulting in some injuries.

Briefing the Daily Graphic on the incident, Cpl Ackah said that while at the Graphic traffic lights directing traffic, he saw that the driver of a Kia Sorento sports car, with registration number ER 7047 X, ignored road signs and changed lanes where he was not supposed to do that.

Cpl Ackah said he moved to the vehicle to caution the driver for driving dangerously, adding that when he started talking to the driver, Mr Odaymat opened the door, leaped out of the car and asked the policeman why he was talking to his driver.

He noted that when he tried to explain to him that he (Cpl Ackah) was talking to the driver and not him (Odaymat), he was given a heavy head-butt resulting in an instant swelling on the forehead.

According to Cpl Ackah, following the head-butt, his service cap fell and Mr Odaymat, in his fury, stamped on it and dealt him a blow.

That, he said, attracted some civilians and another policeman, L/Cpl Kpodo, who helped to arrest Mr Odaymat and instructed the driver to drive the car to the MTTU office.

He said when they got to Accra Brewery Limited, Mr Odaymat instructed his driver to take them to an unknown destination and the driver started speeding madly until two national security officers saw the scuffle going on in the car and assisted the policemen with handcuffs with which Mr Odaymat was handcuffed and taken to the station.

The two national security officers, Police Constables Joseph Clottey and Nimson Eric, also sustained some injuries and had to rush to the Police Hospital for medical treatment after writing their statements.

While handcuffed, the policeman explained, Mr Odaymat still managed to bite the wrist, the back and the buttocks of L/Cpl Kpodo when he attempted to pull the handbrake of the vehicle to stop it.

Exhibits of bloodstained uniforms were shown to the Daily Graphic, while the injured policemen were issued with medical forms to go for treatment at the Police Hospital

The acting Commander of the Accra Central MTTU, Superintendent S. K. Ntim, said it was unfortunate that some members of the public put up such unruly behaviour and tried to obstruct the police in the execution of their duties.

He said the case was being investigated and that Mr Odaymat would be arraigned before court as soon investigations were completed.

Meanwhile, Mr Odaymat has been released to seek medical treatment for a cut he sustained when he allegedly head-butted the policeman.

Story: Malik Abass Daabu


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