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19.11.2008 Elections

DFP Set To Pull Surprise In 2008 General Election

> DFP Set To Pull Surprise In 2008 General Election

The Ashanti Reagional Branch of the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has served a notice to all political parties to watch out for the party in next year's general election, because it is about to pull the biggest surprise ever in the political history of Ghana.

The party's Regional Chairman, Mr Nti Fordjour, said with the rounds that the party had made so far and the very potent strategies it was adopting, nothing less than a resounding victory awaited the it in the upcoming elections.

“We have already toured all the 39 constituencies in the Ashanti Region and put structures in place to effectively wrest power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), come next year,” he said.

Mr Fordjour said in every constituency, the DFP had its men on the ground who were quietly but very strategically worming themselves into the hearts of the people.

An interesting feature of the DFP, he said, was the fact that most of its members were very vibrant youth who had committed themselves to a cause to redeem Ghanaians from the rot and hardship that they had endured for a very long time under previous governments.

“The DFP is made up of a group of seasoned politicians who divorced their mother parties because they did not want to be associated with certain bad practices that were going on there. With our coming together, we shall make sure that we do not repeat those negative practices, but sift out the best to propel the development of Ghana,” he said with a smile.

The regional chairman said the DFP would not disclose its strategies for next year's elections, but said Ghanaians should be ready for the party, because “the DFP is the favourite party that all citizens would want in the Castle, come next year”.

He noted with concern that while the nation suffered from all manner of hardships, the interest of the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC, he alleged, was their entrenched positions on all matters, a situation which only led them to quarrel and debate on end, without any positive impact on the citizenry.

Mr Fordjour advised the NDC to disabuse its mind of the “mirage” that the DFP was formed just to destroy the NDC. He said allegations by members of the NDC that the NPP was funding the DFP were complete lies.

“We don't need anybody to fund us before we can do what we have set for ourselves. We may not have money in abundance, but our hard work, commitment and truthfulness will see us through to a resounding victory in 2008,” he said.

Mr Fordjour, however, could not hide his gratefulness to the NDC when he openly said, “We still appreciate the fact that it was the NDC that brought all of us into the limelight and so we shall not do anything to destroy it.

We are a political party set up to win elections so that is what we shall simply do and not worry ourselves over destroying any other party,” he explained.

He reminded the public that claims by some politicians that the DFP was a new party and, therefore, it would need a long time to shoot into the limelight was a very wrong perception.

“It is only the name of the party that is new, but the members are all very experienced politicians who have once contributed to the victory of other political parties in the country. Let nobody underrate us and think mean of our capabilities.”

Story by David Owusu-Antwi


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