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17.11.2008 Editorial

Buah's Bull….

By Daily Guide
Buah's Bull….

Campaign-dais talk is how political cynics call the kind of nonsense spewed by desperate politicians like the man eyeing the Ellembelle constituency seat in the Western Region, on the back of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

When such persons have the microphone and the ears of listeners, they are so charged that they misconduct themselves, hurling insults and making remarks which totally defy logic.

Ever since Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah set his eyes on what has remained an elusive seat to the NDC, he has come up with all manner of ruses to have the wonderful people of the Ellembelle constituency change their minds about a man they have built a rigid trust and confidence in.

This game of politics and the way some contestants play it is a subject which has continued to elude logic.

People who appear gentlemanly soon alter the impressions about themselves when they are caught up in the frenzy of politics. They pass certain remarks, often mendacious, which make the discerning section of the population wonder whether they really considered the repercussions of such garbage rhetoric they spew on the campaign dais.

Are such persons ruminants and therefore chew the cud? Their behaviour explains why some human beings although they belong to the superior class of homo sapiens, yet exhibit traits of the lesser animals.

With the December 7 polls less than three weeks away, the desperation on the part of persons like Emmanuel Kofi-Buah appears to be on the ascendancy.

It is the wish of every group of people to have one of their kind reaching enviable positions in every sphere of human endeavour- business or academics.

Indeed there is nothing wrong with aspiring for such heights as it makes for the spread of development and ensures that ethnic groupings have a good number role models for their youth.

That is why there is no law barring people from seeking wealth and knowledge, save under dictatorships like the one we had during the PNDC junta.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kofi-Buah is worried that a son of Nzemaland has risen to the position of First Deputy Speaker, doubling also as a frontline publisher.

It is beyond our ken that such a rise is causing ripples in the head of the NDC man who claims to have the interest of Nzemaland at heart. We are prompted to attribute the development to the widespread hatred infection within the NDC family.

Otherwise what reason can one adduce to the pointing of a finger at a man who has established a business which, through the patronage of Ghanaians, is thriving appreciably?

The parliamentary candidate should take note that in politics as in military warfare, there are tactics to be applied when one seeks to triumph.

If Mr. Blay who has survived destructive manouvres by his adversaries, adopts what for him is the right path to retain his position and eventually make his mother party better, we do not think that it is envious persons like Kofi-Buah who should decide otherwise.

We wish to remind the said Kofi-Buah that the worst thing to have happened to the Convention People's Party (CPP) is the appearance of Rawlings' NDC on the political terrain.

That the CPP has survived all the dirty manouvres to silence it for good is because of the subtle intervention of the NPP and personalities like Hon Freddie Blay.

But for the concerns of the NPP through a deliberate policy of even engaging some elements from the party and offering them appointments, the repercussions could have only been conjectured.

That Mr. Freddie Blay has represented the Ellembelle constituency for all this while, efforts of the Kofi-Buahs notwithstanding, is a pointer to the fact that there is something about him which endears him to the people.

It is beginning to appear that the aggrieved candidate might just have to hang his gloves since his life's ambition of unseating the man he loves to have, might remain elusive for much longer.

What is this reference to the Chairmanship of the GOIL board and advertisements in the Daily Guide?

Sounds silly and infantile. The discerning people of the Ellembelle constituency can read between the lines and take their own decisions. They do not need a Kofi-Buah to come and tell them that for all the time that they were voting for a certain candidate they were not using their heads. Indeed that is exactly what the NDC man is telling them but the good people of Ellembelle would rather a time-tested man is retained than a stranger whose stock-in-trade is to rain insults on his opponents.

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