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17.11.2008 US & Canada

Obama-Mania In The Air

By Daily Guide
Obama-Mania In The Air

The storm is over and all the chips have fallen into their right holes. The highly competitive and much talked-about US 'omanpanin' 'kokromoti' exercise has come and gone and we all know the victor, don't we? He is no other than the 47-year-old Black American with Kenyan ancestry. Yes, he is the 'abrantie' who responds to the name Barack Hussein Obama.

I was out of sorts on the evening of Tuesday, 4th November, 2008 so I went to bed very early. I woke up the following morning around 4:30am to be greeted by the news that Obama had won the US polls; thus making history as the first Black Man to ascend the highest throne of the world's most powerful nation.

Indeed, the peaceful nature of the US 'kokromoti' exercise shows how matured and civilized they are. The speed with which John McCain conceded defeat and congratulated his opponent was very gracious and commendable, while Obama's humbleness and frankness in his victory speech cannot pass without comment. Listen to him: “The road is very long and deep. We may not get there in one year or one term. But I promise you, we shall get there.”

A Black man 'paa' in the 'Efie Fitaa' (White House)! Splendid, very splendid! But Black Rasta, who sang the song “Let's talk about Barack Obama,” thinks it was long overdue. He was of the view that since the 'Efie Fitaa' was built through the sweat and toil of the Black Man, it was incomprehensible and unacceptable that only Caucasians (Whites) occupied it since it was built; and I perfectly agree with him. But would Obama's victory have been possible without the support of these Caucasians? So you see, Obama's victory was not about his race, but the people's belief in his ability to change things for the better. When people who didn't believe in him were calling him the 'man from nowhere', Obama's response to them was, “I wouldn't be here if, time and again, the torch had not been passed to a new generation." That is a visionary for you!

Any lessons for Asomdwekrom? I say yes. The peaceful and civilized nature of the exercise is worthy of emulation. Although it was competitive to the core, it was devoid of killings and burning of houses. Neither of the candidates used men with unimaginable biceps- 'macho men' I mean. The transition period is also worth emulating. While the transition period in Uncle Sam's homeland is close to two moons, the transition period in Asomdwekrom is only one moon.

Also, in their bid to ensure a very smooth transition, the 'omanpanin'-elect, Barack Obama, started receiving the 'omanpanin's' daily CIA briefings less than 48 hours after being declared winner. But in our part of the world, the 'omanpanin'-elect would only be briefed by the National Security after they have been sworn-in, while the handing-over notes of ministers doesn't reflect the situation on the ground. I say so because I had the privilege of reading the handing-over notes of some Zu-za ministers in January 2001. Indeed, that a nation of 169 million voters could declare a winner in less than 24 hours is ample proof that the US is the greatest democracy in the whole world. I hope our politicians are watching!

The media too have some lessons to learn from the US polls. Although four candidates contested the US polls, the media conveniently ignored two candidates and concentrated on Obama and McCain because they didn't want to waste precious air-time and space on comedians and jokers. I can bet my last cowry that about 99.9% of those who monitored the US polls did not know the names of the two ignored candidates. That is a focused media for you! But here in Asomdwekrom what do we see?

The media wastes precious air-time and space on comedians and jokers who parade as leaders and flag-bearers of dysfunctional political parties. One such comedian is Charles Kofi Wayo, leader and founder of National Renaissance Party (NRP). His hobbies are propagating utopian theories and castigating the Black Man. Indeed, he uses the least opportunity to remind Asomdwekromanians that he once lived in the US - as if that would bring the salvation he has been preaching. Listening to him on Hot FM's “Alhaji and Alhaji” programme not too long ago, I couldn't help wondering if he was 'kolomental'. He spoke for almost 15 minutes but ended saying nothing sensible. All he said was gibberish; and these are the men the media in Asomdwekrom call to discuss national issues! It is indeed a pity!

Wofa, it is not as if the US does not encounter problems in its 'kokromoti' exercise, but it is the way its citizens solve their problems that shows how matured and patriotic they are. I hope you remember the infamous comedy played out in Florida during the 2000 polls in the US. I wonder what would have happened if it had occurred in Asomdwekrom.

Like many Abibimananians, Asomdwekromanians too have caught the Obama fever called Obama-mania, and Yours Truly is not an exception. I share with many Abibimanians the joy of this sweet victory because the Black Man has finally got the opportunity to prove that what the Caucasian can do, the Black Man can also do, if not better. I'm however worried for the life of this young, handsome 'omanpanin'-elect. There is this funny feeling deep within which tells me his life might be in danger. I just hope and pray Onyankopon Himself protects him for us.

Hello Obama, you fought a good fight and triumphed. They say you are inexperienced but you proved that experience is not everything. You have indeed passed through baptism of fire. Savour the victory while it lasts and never cease to seek the face of Onyankopon because it is not all those who smile by showing their white teeth (or is it their decayed teeth?) that are happy with your achievements so far. So beware!

Now back to Asomdwekrom, have you missed Agya Dan Lartey of the Democratic People's Party (DPP)? Did I hear you say no? Well, I have missed him and his 'Domestication' theory so much. The Asomdwekrom 'Kokromoti' Commission (KC) should have bended the rules so he could contest the December polls. I must confess his exclusion from the 'omanpanin' race has left me confused like an Eskimo in the Achimota Forest .

This is because I strongly believe the 'Domestication' theory is the only policy that can free Asomdwekromanians from the shackles of poverty and hunger. My 'kokromoti' is definitely thumb-printing for the party that would adopt the 'Domestication' theory, and I'm sure there are millions like me. By the way, is John McCain's loss in the US polls a sign of things to come in Asomdwekrom's 'kokromoti' exercise? Could it be one John down, one John to go? It's only a question o!

 See you next week!