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14.11.2008 Elections

Emergent Nzema Whizz Kid blows whistle on Blay...

By Zam R. Samin - Ghanaian Chronicle
Emergent Nzema Whizz Kid blows whistle on Blay...

NO NDUOM, NO CPP, NO LOGO* Speaker's billboards, posters betray him* Ellembelle Mugabe should be shown exit `cos he is binging on your welfare, says NDC`s Buah.

THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for the Elembele Constituency, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah, has called on the electorate in the constituency to put their shoulders to the political wheel this year, to be able to kick out the incumbent, Mr. Freddie Blay, in the December election.

He said the mandate given to the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament in previous elections by the constituents, has had far reaching implications on the progress and general development of the constituency.

In this year's polls, he said the constituents would have yet another opportunity to decide on the personality to lead the constituency, but that person should not be Mr. Blay, but he Mr. Buah.

This was because the latter, he noted, had succeeded in using the constituency in the last three elections to advance himself politically and his businesses.

Addressing party supporters at Eikwe, Anokyi, all fishing communities in the constituency to seek for their votes to lead the Ellembele constituency, Mr. Armah Kofi-Buah, told the fishermen to consider how the constituency had, over the years, been abandoned by the First Deputy Speaker in pursuant of his self aggrandisement, and reject him this time.

Mr. Kofi-Buah mentioned the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL), where Mr. Blay served as a Board Chairman, his position as First Deputy Speaker, a position he has held for several years, and the countless advertisements in the 'Daily Guide' on government contracts, a paper he described as the mouthpiece of the ruling party NPP, as some of the visible signs of the benefits being derived by Mr. Blay in exchange for the abject poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, among other challenges, confronting the constituents.

“This man is not a leader, but an opportunist. He has taken our constituency for granted, but the people of Ellembele are discerning, and have now seen and understand his deceit, and will take a decision for change, this year,” he optimistically charged.

Consequently, he declared, “Your vote this year is your power to take a concrete decision to save our constituency. Speak loud; let the whole world hear your cry; fight for a decisive and significant change, because, it is only this change of leadership that can correct the errors of the past, and I am ready to lead that change in this constituency.”

According to the aspiring MP, the solution to the scourge of poverty in the constituency and among the people was long overdue, and that what they needed most at this crucial period of the constituency's history, after passing through four consecutive elections, was to rely on each other politically, take a decision, and say no in plain words to Mr. Blay, who has been the MP for the area since 1996.

The NDC candidate said he was prepared, at any day and time, to expose Mr. Blay to the constituents, because his umbilical cord was tied to the constituency he was feverishly preparing to lead come December 7th, and was therefore prepared to bell the cat in his quest to save the thousands of people in the constituency, who for lack of education had suffered from the deceit of Mr. Blay.

He mentioned some of the reasons, he believed were the obvious ones, on why Mr. Blay failed to use the name of his party, its symbol and slogan, in designing his billboards in the constituency.

All billboards mounted by Mr. Blay in the constituency, which this reporter took note of, contained a simple but controversial message, “Ellembele Blay all the way, No Shaky”. The symbol of his party, slogan, and name had not been captured on the billboards, a political design adopted by Mr. Blay to score points.

No poster of the latter, according to observations made by this reporter, also contained his image and that of his presidential candidate, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom.

Consequently, the emergent Nzema political whizz kid, indicated that there enough evidence to showcase to the whole world that Mr. Blay was an opportunist, who was using the CPP and the NPP together, to advance himself and his business, and not a quest to serve his people.

The result of destroying the CPP and knocking it with the NPP, he opined, was that the CPP was eventually dying in the constituency, and not the NDC, and he was preparing to give him his exit note (Blay) come December.

According to him, Mr. Blay had not bothered to do something about the lack of investment in the future of the people in the constituency, the absence of jobs among the people, the deteriorating health conditions of the rural people in the communities, high illiteracy rate, and infant mortality among others, which his party, the NDC, he said, was ready to address when given the mandate by the people of the constituency.

Mr. Kofi-Buah, who had earlier last month promised to open the Nzema area to tourists when given the nod by the people of Ellembele, again promised to introduce pre-school programmes, support farmers and the fishing communities to create jobs for the jobless, and improve on the level of education in the constituency, as contained in the manifesto of his party.

The fishermen at Anokyi, happy with the brilliant presentation made by the aspiring legislator, assured him of their votes, but complained bitterly about pair-trawling by foreign vessels in the territorial waters of Ghana, which they described as a killer to their survival.

In response, Mr. Armah Kofi-Buah noted, “It tells you that we as a country, have lost control over everything. We have lost control over our borders, our sea body. That is the obvious reason the NDC is calling for your votes.”

Similarly, the coconut farmers at Eikwe also bemoaned before the aspirant, the challenges of the cocoa Aids diseases, which had rendered most of them jobless, and called for action from the NDC, a promise the aspirant made on behalf of his party, that the problem would be solved with tropical resistant seeds, should the NDC assume power in December.

Meanwhile, Mr. Armah Kofi-Buah has cautioned the electorate against last-minute monies and mobile phone campaigns, which he accused the incumbent MP of planning to embark on before the December elections.