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14.11.2008 General News

Travellers Call Attention To Apeatu Road

By GNA -

Travellers on the Suhum-Nsawam road in the Eastern Region, have appealed to the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) to take immediate steps to repair a damaged portion of that road at Apeatu near Amanase.

They cautioned that the damaged road could cause accidents if the appeal is ignored.

Passengers had classified the Suhum-Nsawam stretch of the road forming part of the Accra-Kumasi International Route, as the most dangerous portion. 

It had also been described as a death trap.

Passengers, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said though the government had plans to construct the route into a first class road, at least some repair works on the damaged portions of the road should be effected.

In recent times, articulated trucks, and other mini-trucks carrying charcoal and foodstuffs run into ditches at the Apeatu curve, over-seeing Amanase. 

Those who had been using the road frequently accused the GHA of not maintaining the road, saying: “They do not have mercy for travellers”.

The GNA observed that a portion of the road, which stretches about 300 metres, had lost the entire tarring and had become muddy and undulating, without any drainage by the sides of the road.

The potholes had widened as a result of the torrential rains in the area, rendering that portion of the Accra-Kumasi road virtually impassable.