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14.11.2008 General News

MP Guns Down Robber

By Daily Guide

A former Member of Parliament (MP) for Wa East, Alhaji Issaku Saliah, 56, has shot and killed a suspected armed robber who was part of a five-man gang that stormed his residence at Ogbojo, near East Legon in Accra.

Police said their investigations revealed that the gang went to the former MP's residence with the intention of robbing him.

Alhaji Saliah was said to have been informed by one of his daughters in the early hours of Friday, October 31 that robbers had entered their house. He then jumped from his bed and grabbed his pump action gun with which he aimed at one of the robbers and shot him in the head.

According to the Regional Crime Officer, Dennis Akob-Dem Abade, Alhaji Saliah on October 31, this year reported to the Legon District Police that at about 1.00am that dawn, one of his daughters woke him up and informed him that some people had entered the house and were trying to get into the room through the kitchen.

Alhaji Saliah immediately armed himself with his pump action gun and went to the kitchen where he saw the five robbers armed with a pistol and a pump action gun trying to remove the burglar-proof after destroying the main wooden door. Apparently the burglar-proof had been fixed behind the wooden door instead, and as there was no light in the kitchen the robbers could not see Alhaji Salia, who on the other hand could clearly see them because of the light outside.   

He then aimed at one of the robbers and shot at his head and the latter instantly dropped dead whilst the other four fled.

The Crime Officer noted that when police got to the crime scene they found concrete blocks which were used by the robbers to break the kitchen door.

Investigation into the incident is still ongoing while the corpse has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue awaiting autopsy.

By Rocklyn Antonio