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11.11.2008 Feature Article

PDP: AC Is The Better Party For Atiku

Decamping from one political party to another is not the best for politicians in our country. I hope they do not do this to better democracy in our clime but perhaps for their selfish purposes. We have to learn from the world democracies where a 'loser' still sticks to his party and works on the network of winning an election. We can learn better from the Democrats and the Republican parties in the USA. People don't just genuflect from party to party, as that may ruin their reputation. And this could be why the Rivers State chapter of the Action Congress (AC) is rolling out drums on the streets of Port Harcourt in support of its National Leader, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to disregard the PDP, a party that did everything immorally wrong to make him and Nigeria a laughable stock within the comity of civilised democratic States, which is calling him back to the PDP.

With Atiku's resolve to stick with Action Congress, the future of democracy in Nigeria is still bright. He should realise that the AC is a party he co-founded with other progressives to fight the undemocratic and retrogressive elements within PDP under the maximum dictatorship of the former President of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obasanjo

One may question, who is PDP to woe Atiku to come back to the PDP? Does PDP know that Atiku today represents the face of democracy in Nigeria? That is why the PDP has to go back to its fold and start by purging itself of its undemocratic toga by at least removing the father of undemocratic acts in Nigeria, General Obasanjo as its BOT Chairman. Does PDP not know that with the likes of Obasanjo still in PDP the future of the party and democracy in Nigeria is still very bleak and good people like President Yar'Adua will continue to be hold hostage in the PDP.

The Rivers AC, Leader Prince Tonye TJT Princewill, has already repositioned the AC in Rives State, not only in the State, but also, in the entire Niger Delta region to ensuring the success of the party in any election void of rigging and undemocratic manoeuvres by INEC and other Institutions within the region. People are seeing that with Princewill, the future of AC in Rivers State is getting brighter every day, as about eight other political parties have resolved to join AC before the end of 2008 to deepen democratic culture in the State. This closure was made by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, Publicity Secretary, Rivers State CTC, AC. "We are happy to note also of the resolve of the people of Rivers State even the PDP in the State to vote in an AC Government come the next election based on our superior ideas, vision and manifesto aimed to truly deliver quality dividends of democracy to our people. With the lessons Prince Tonye Princewill learnt after taking time to observe and understudy President Obama at a very close range during his election as US President the limits and future of AC in Nigeria cannot be predicted".

There is belief that Atiku Abubakar can still be elected the President of Nigeria if the Supreme Court annuls the election of President Ya'Adua or even by 2011 if he sticks with AC particularly now that the election of Senator Barck Obama as USA President is going to cause unimagined and unprecedented democracy revolution in the

entire world. We are more encouraged in this regard with the insistence of President Yar'Adua in his reaction to Obama's victory - that politics in Nigeria will now be played on the basis of ideas and not on money or political parties and without religious politics, ethnicity but on issues-based politics. This may finally erase the potential of rigging, tribal, ballot stuffing, use of hooligans to snatch ballot boxes, collaborating with ungodly INEC to writing election results that neither does nor tally with the electorate's position, godfatherism areas where PDP strives most.

Dr. Brian Wilfred is Communication Assistant to Prince Tonye TJT Princewill, Port Harcourt.

Brian Wilfred, Dr.
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