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10.11.2008 International

Omatek set to open Resources centre


Omatek, a computer company, in collaboration with organizations and institutions of learning is ready to set up resources centres as part of strategies to sustain the company's growth.

Mrs Florence Seriki, Managing Director, Omatek, told newsmen in Accra that, the resource centres would help promote the development of skills, entrepreneurship and innovation in the area of Information and Communications Technology in a mutually beneficial way.

The Resource Centres will be set up on a mutually agreeable terms worked out between Omatek and its counterpart organization using the OMATEK products.

Mrs Seriki said besides, the resource centres, Omatek was also vigorously pursuing the establishment of showrooms to bring its products and services to the doorsteps of its clients across the country.

“We are also ready to recruit more channel partners, resellers, franchises and service providers across Africa as part of our strategy to sustain growth.

The Omatek Resources centres will provide services, including keeping of basic buffer stock for customers, direct link to Omatek factory internet based helpdesk/portal system, annual schedule training & technical update, servicing of PC's and other Omatek products brought in by clients, routine maintenance check on all PC's and other Omatek products and replacement of faulty parts on PC's and other Omatek products sold.

Omatek is the only company in Africa that produces computers and casings from Completely Knocked Down (CKD) components sourced from the highest grades of manufacturers.