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10.11.2008 General News

Second Anniversary Champagne-Popping!

By Daily Guide
Second Anniversary Champagne-Popping!

In exactly three days hence, the great baby that paved the way for your most beloved nephew to engage in 'konkonsa' with you would be 24 moons old.

In other words, the column “Letter to Abusuapanin” which helped me earn the enviable title “Most Dedicated Disciple Of Konkonsa” would soon be two years. It seems like yesterday when we gathered, 12 moons ago, at the Kubease Community Centre (KCC) for the first anniversary champagne-popping. How fast time flies!

Without disputation whatsoever, the past 12 pregnant moons have given birth to many events which made it easier for us to engage in 'konkonsa'. Notable among them were George Aggudey's display of Kung fu on Richard Skye of Citi FM; Asomdwekrom's discovery of liquid gold in commercial quantities; Nana Boomress' vituperation on Agya Atta during the heated Zu-za running mate saga; the Hajj fiasco;

Abibiman's topmost 'agoro' fiesta hosted by Asomdwekrom; Agya Atta's health palaver, the incarceration of Tsatsu Tsikata; the invocation of the 'Antoa Nyamaa' deity by Daniel Ohene-Agyekum; and the recent 'omanpanin' debate organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

Brings to mind an observation I made during the debate. While Nana Akufo-Addo, Edward Mahama and Paa Kwesi Nduom were very relaxed and happy, Agya Atta looked sad and angry. Perhaps, his health 'wahala' had something to do with it. I'm only wondering o, and wondering isn't a crime; is it?

With the December 'konkonsa' exercise and other events looming, I have no doubt the next 12 moons would provide us more stories for 'konkonsa'. So be patient and calm because one can't catch a fish in haste and anger. 

Not too long ago, a very close pal alluded that most of my write-ups were giving Asomdwekromanians the impression I sympathize with Osono. He further stated he would prefer if my write-ups were very neutral. Well, that is his opinion; and who am I to say he shouldn't express it? But how can I sit on the fence, when some Asomdwekromanians would want us believe a spade is a big spoon?

How can I sit on a fence, when 'menuanom' are threatened with death for expressing their views on national issues? How can I sit on the fence, when an overused tea-pot is calling a fairly-used kettle black? Indeed, if calling a spade a spade amounts to showing my political affiliation, then I will never cease to disappoint my friend and his kind. As a matter of fact, I would be doing Asomdwekrom a great harm if I do not comment on the actions of 'menuanom' who want to win power by propagating lies and mendacious stories.

Abusuapanin, I believe your ears are itching to hear your nephew's views on the upcoming 'kokromoti' exercise. I needn't say much because you already know where I stand. As you may be aware, I belong to the school of thought which believes in the saying,

"A decorated monkey is still a monkey." Whether re-branding, re-labeling or re-bottling, the contents are the same so don't be deceived by the so-called re-branding of the party founded by the most brutish coup-maker to ever set foot on the shores of Asomdwekrom. 

Also, beware of those 'omanpanin' aspirants who claim to be religious and God-fearing but do not hesitate to make allegations without any proof.

It could be a ploy to lure you to vote for them because they are desperate. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. In any case, is it not this same persons who claim to be God-fearing that are invoking curses on their opponents through the 'Antoa Nyamaa'? God-fearing people indeed!

Wofa, as we mark the second anniversary of this column, I need to acknowledge a number of people to whom I owe a great deal. Mrs. Gina Ama Blay and Fortune Alimi, Managing Editor and Editor of DAILY GUIDE respectively, not only provided me stimulating advice when I started communicating with you, but also gave me the needed encouragement. They deserve a goodly share of the credit for the success of this column so far. 

Also, this column wouldn't have been what it is now but for support from hardworking staff of ubiquitous DAILY GUIDE like the deputy Editor, Bennet Akuaku; Worlanyo Atisu aka Wolongo,  Muniru Kassim, Nana Yaw, and others whose names I couldn't mention for lack of space and time.

My undiluted and unadulterated thanks to them all.

As for you, the best Abusuapanin in the whole world, all I can say is, may Onyankopon richly bless you. Indeed, there is no greater favour a nephew can ask of his uncle than to be objective in his critique. You've really helped me more than you can ever imagine.

More grease to your elbows!

Lest I forget, I wish to remind you of the fact that a lot of mendacious stories are being  thrown around so as to discredit the good works of the present government. You know why, don't you? My prayer is that Oyankopon grants you strength and wisdom to use your 'kokromoti power wisely on Dec. 7. Till then, remember to be present at the KCC to witness the second anniversary champagne-popping so we can all wine, dine, sing, dance and shout HURRAY!!!

See you!