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08.11.2008 General News

Voodoo priest invade Volta

By Spectator

There is an influx of voodoo priests from the Republic of Benin. They are pitching camp in Ho where they are selling their services (powers) to willing politicians who want to boost their chances of coming out victorious in the parliamentary or presidential elections.

The voodoo priests who are known as 'Togbe' are said to be in brisk business, regularly consulting for politicians to ensure that their investments into politics do not go waste.

A number of residents the Spectator spoke confirmed the presence of the voodoo practitioners and pointed to a number of houses where some Beninois nationals have rented rooms for use as their consulting quarters.

They said some of the Togbes have also recruited some young men from Benin to help them find prospective clients and to market their spiritual products for a fee. These young men are said to be posing as herbalists to enable them to establish links through which they get clients.

Some residents say they have become apprehensive and are living in fear, having in mind that voodoo involves what they consider as satanic forces and influences that are largely undesirable. It is also not known whether the priests are only in transit and will relocate after December 7.

They started arriving in October this year with the idea that their services will be demanded in view of how competitive the election had become, on resident said.

In a chat with one of the Togbes popularly known as Olurus who claims he hails from the Republic of Benin, this paper learnt that the priests started monitoring the political trends in Ghana for sometime now and decided that Ghana was a goldmine.

"A lot of people, both young and old, have been consulting me since I arrived in Ho in October for powers to win the election, either as candidates or on party lines and through a crystal ball of the voodoo I am able to tell them their fortunes," he said.

He added, "some are satisfied while others are not satisfied but I cannot reverse it for them because the voodoo has spoken and who am to reverse them to incur the wrath of the powers that be?"

Asked whether he has permanently relocated in Ho, Togbe said it will depend on the demand for their services from now till January.

Source: Spectator