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07.11.2008 US & Canada

Oprah In Tears Over Obama Win

By Daily Guide

CHAT queen Oprah Winfrey said Barack Obama's historic win was “one of the greatest moments I could ever imagine”.

Oprah — a fellow Chicago resident who backed Obama from early in his campaign — was in tears as she witnessed his acceptance speech.

She said: “There's never been a night like this on the planet.”

Celebrities at Obama's election bash included Brad Pitt, a tearful Rev Jesse Jackson and film-maker Spike Lee. Other stars who supported Obama spoke of their joy.

Actor George Clooney said: “It's time to begin unifying the country.”

R&B superstar Usher said: “This is incredible.”

Rap mogul P Diddy said: “I felt like my vote was the vote that put him into office.”

Lindsay Lohan wrote on her blog: “Yes we can — Obama is our president!”

Jennifer Aniston joined pals Courteney Cox and hubby David Arquette at their Beverly Hills home for a victory party. Also there were Aniston's singer boyfriend John Mayer, Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher.

JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig, 40, claimed Obama's White House victory could pave the way for a black 007.