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06.11.2008 NPP News

NPP is the most violent party in Ghana –ET

By Richard Attenkah, Mataheko near Afienya - Ghanaian Chronicle

The Member of Parliamentary (MP) for Ningo-Prampram constituency, Enoch Teye Mensah has jumped to the defence of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and debunked allegations from members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) that his party is the most violent in the country.

Speaking at a mini rally organized by the Mataheko branch of the party, near Afienya last Tuesday, the MP noted that if there was any political party in the country today which is very violent, “then it is the NPP and its founders”.

According to him, the NPP and its roots- which is the United Party (UP) have a track record that dates back to the days of 'Matemeho' in the 1950s that can not be comparable to any political party in the country.

He revealed that in 1951, during the days of the 'Matemeho', an attempted assassination on the life of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in Kulumbungu, in the Northern region resulted in the murder of a young girl. According to him, the bouquet of flowers which the innocent girl was supposed to have used to welcome Dr. Nkrumah to the Town had a bomb planted in it by operatives of the UP.

He also accused them of introducing the first firing squad in the country, somewhere in 1967, where over 100 people were recorded shot.

On the issue of people calling for a peaceful elections come December 7, Hon. E. T. Mensah disclosed that there could be no peace if justice and fairness were not allowed into our body politicking.

He said there are so many injustices being perpetuated against some political parties in the country, especially against the NDC by the ruling NPP. He advised that if this canker is not nipped in the bud, it could degenerate into chaos during the elections.

Hon. E.T, also the Deputy National chairman of the NDC, continued that the Electoral Commission (EC) were guilty of acts which point to the fact that they are in league with the ruling party to steal the peoples verdict.

He also lashed out at Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum, the Presidential candidate of the People's Convention Party (CPP) for the kind of comments he made at the recently held

He said Dr. Nduom was inside the belly of the elephant from the word go and yet he turns around to accuse the NPP of not performing well. “Was he not part of the NPP right from the beginning after holding all those Ministerial positions, and now what is he telling Ghanaians? Don't take him serious”, E.T said.

The Deputy National Propaganda Secretary of the party, Anita de Souza, said if the NDC was still in power, Ghanaians would not be experiencing all the hardships they are going through now. She said when given the nod, the NDC will make the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) much better by allowing Ghanaians to pay premium only once, because they are indirectly already paying for the service through the things they buy on our markets.

She disclosed that the NDC will also provide food to Ghanaian children in all pre-School and Primary Schools in the country, and then later extend it to the Junior High School level.