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06.11.2008 Religion

I discovered oil for Ghana-Prophet claims

By Bismark Bebli - Ghanaian Chronicle
WHILE SOME Prophets and prominent religious leaders predict a victory for a political party, Brother Peter Anamoah, the founder and leader of the Machaira of the Pneuma Foundation, a Christian NGO dedicated to executing spiritual assignments, has laid claim on the discovery of oil and the victory of US President Elect, Senator Barrack Obama. According to him, he has predicted the victory of an African President of the world almost a year ago on Metro TV when he was being interviewed by Mr. Paul Adom Okyere, who is alive to testify about his claim. He said, during the interview on Good Evening Ghana, hosted by Paul Adom Otchere, a spot question was asked him on air to tell the nation about the future of America, since he has the gift of divine prophesies. The Prophet said, “What I am about to say concerns the great nation America, I know many people will not believe me and I know I will look funny, and I said it shall not be long before an African will enter the White House to rule America.'' In an interview with this paper yesterday, he recounted Paul displayed his shock at the prophecy and wanted to know if he (the Prophet) was serious, he said, “Well, this is what the Lord says and those who have ears to hear, let them hear what the Lord says.” Prophet Anamoah said he was not surprised that after his prediction, Senator Barack Obama appeared on Oprah's show where he was interviewed about his book -'The Audacity of Hope,” saying “Towards the end of the interview, Oprah asked if he (Obama) had plans to run for the presidency and Obama's answer was evasive, so Oprah said, “When you decide, I'll endorse you.” He contended that as God had planned it, on Sunday April 20, 2008, Brother Peter Anamoah entered the USA to do the first phase of the assignment God had been trying to get him to do. “Ghanaians and all Africans must understand that as an African American, Barack Obama was able to get enough funding for his political battle because of divine intervention. And because God is truly involved, he made record returns in his fundraising. Obama is an American with African descent. He rose from obscurity to prominence because God wants to show that 'He is Lord' and can transform Africa into a haven of glory, and he has really won the election.' In a book he wrote titled -“Why God Wants Barrack Obama to Win,” he said “God told me for reasons best known to Him that I should record all my activities in the USA, therefore, I have evidence on video, audio and another medium I cannot disclose now. I said special prayers in the capital cities of each of the 49 states I visited against terrorism and violence. As I traveled through the land of America, I instructed all God's creations to work in favour of Barack Obama. “God, he said, spiritually programmed creation to take charge of the security of Obama in line with II Samuel 18:8, where we learn that the woods in the forest fought for King David better than his own military led by Joab. “Therefore, I state with all confidence that the forest of America can be the best security for Barack Obama. This was my secret service in USA between April and July 2008.” Accordingly, he claimed, that, “In every state I have instructed the earth to take record in line with Jeremiah 22:29 that every plan against Obama should be transmitted to the heavens so that the heavens will expose them in line with Job 20:27." Supporting his predictions with some evidence, Prophet Anamoah, who stated that this year's election would be peaceful and devoid of acrimony, anchored his predictions through the discovery of oil and this was what he said, “In 2001, during the first National repentance at the Presbyterian Hall in Osu, the Prophet as directed by God called Dr. Quarshie of UCC to declare crude oil wealth for Ghana. Some time after the programme, Ghana discovered crude oil for the first time but 7000 barrels disappeared from the ship that carried it. This displeased the Lord so there was a hold up until 13th January, 2006. In a conference to inaugurate the prayer towers in all 10 Regions of Ghana, at the Trade Fair, God spoke again and the prophet called the oil in the belly of Western Region to come out.” He stressed further that, “Three weeks later, there was the offshore discovery. At Joy FM on 1st January 2007, the prophet spoke about a second and third crude oil discoveries. The second has happened but the third is yet to take place in the Northern part of Ghana. Prophet Anamoh claimed he entered the USA to do the first phase of the assignment God had been trying to get him to do. He said for Ghana's democracy to be strengthened, he declared the need for national repentance in 2001 and 2004 which he organized on behalf of the whole nation in order to sustain peaceful elections and democracy. According to him, it was manifested when he drove to all the borders around the nation to secure the 'gates' of the nation against war, smuggling and drugs. “There is an underlying spiritual security that guarantees the peace that Ghana enjoys. As Ghana prepared for her jubilee celebration in 2006, the prophet did a series of spiritual pre-celebration activities from the summit of Afadjato to the forecourt of State House to prepare the nation for a new take off. This has blessed our nation tremendously and has affected the destiny of the Republic of Ghana.” Touching on the upcoming Ghana's general elections, Prophet Anamoah intoned that when he journeyed through 49 States in USA, God spoke to him to return to Ghana because two elections were important to Him in the year 2008. “The USA and Ghanaian elections, therefore he should come home and mobilize prayer support in all ten 10 regions of Ghana before our elections in December 2008” “When I arrived at the airport in Accra, there was a momentous welcome. The media was there and I told them about God's plan for election 2008. As I went through Ghana for the prayer vigil tour in the Regional capitals, I stopped in Kumasi for a radio interview at Fox FM and I told the Station Manager about Obama's spiritual security and spoke on air to assure the city that no one can succeed in assassinating Barack Obama because of what God sent his servants to do in the USA” On Liberia, Togo, Bawku and other places, the prophet said “Liberia's rebirth was prophesied long before it happened. When the time came, I was in Monrovia to organize a repentance ceremony in Isaac Winker's Dominion Church. I also organized a small special women's conference under the theme, “the mysteries of the womb of the woman to deliver a new Liberia', a few weeks before their elections in 2005 that ushered in the first woman President in Africa into power in Liberia. The wife of Bishop Winker was tasked to do last minute arrangements for this programme,” he said. On Togo, he said in 2006, he was asked to prepare a new take-off for the land of Togo. This he claimed began with prayers, seminars and prophetic actions which have helped in giving birth to a new Togo. Claiming his predictions of La Cote d' lvoire, Prophet Anamoh, reiterated that it all started in the year 2000, when the Lord spoke to him about an attack on the nation which was to start from the northern part. “The embassy could not take me serious when I contacted them. In 2006 when God told me the time had come to end the conflict, I had to go to the rebel headquarters with UN escort to pray and there were results in less than a month. The same embassy that turned me away, this time facilitated my entry” To him the problem that bureaucracies created for the world when God seeks to use His chosen vessels to save a situation was a fact that some charlatans also have blocked the opportunities of genuine prophets. Peter Anamoa is dedicated to executing spiritual assignments relating to individuals, families and nations, and started life as a young Ghanaian craftsman whose specialties were centered in leather-based products such as sandals, bags, belts and others. He told The Chronicle that in the heat of the race between Obama and Hillary Clinton, God permitted him to enter the USA for the first time, saying that over the years, God has trained his servant in the mysteries hidden in the Bible, so he knew he had to enter the USA through Washington DC. “In DC, I prayed at the US Congress and the White House. At that very moment, as I prayed in front of the White House, a TV crew approached. According to him, he did not want to speak to them because his initial assignment was not to generate attention, but after they interviewed Pastor John Abudu, a Ghanaian pastor living in Maryland, he hinted the ABC TV crew that he, Peter Anamoah, was a prophet from Africa so they should interview him because he had better information. “The ABC TV crew now had a reason to persuade the prophet for an interview. I told them about the divine programme that Barack Obama would become the first African American President of the USA.” The Prophet who started his missionary work at an early age of about eight, when he met the American lady Roberta S. Hampton who researched on adult literacy in Tamale on a Bible education programme in Dagbani, claimed that he played spiritual roles in the Bawku crisis and this was what he said about it, “On Monday 25th August 2008 while traveling around the nation, I and my team entered Bawku and did a repentance service symbolically uniting one family each from the Kusasi and Mamprusi sides. This was done with the cooperation of the Office of the Municipal Assembly in Bawku and the UERCC. There shall be lasting peace in Bawku.” In Nigeria, he saw and spoke about the conflict involving Moslems and Christians in Northern Nigeria (Kaduna) before it started. Later, according to him, God gave him the chance to go into the war zone to deal with the problem to solve it.