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06.11.2008 US & Canada

Obama Will Be My President – McCain

By Daily Guide
Obama Will Be My President – McCain
NOV 6, 2008 US & CANADA

DEFEATED REPUBLICAN presidential hopeful, John McCain says Democrat Barack Obama's victory in last Tuesday's election is welcome news, adding, “Obama will be my President.


“In a contest as long and as difficult as this campaign has been, Obama's success alone commands my respect for his ability and perseverance.

"But that he managed to do so by inspiring the hopes of so many millions of Americans who had once wrongly believed that they had little at stake or little influence in the election of an American president, is something I deeply admire and commend him for achieving,” he told thousands of disappointed American supporters soon after the final results were released on Tuesday night.

Though McCain had criticized Obama during the hard-fought campaign as too inexperienced to be president, he said, “Obama has really fought a good fight, let's all support him as our next President.”

He called on Americans, especially, supporters of the Republican Party to lay all disappointments aside and join hands in moving the country forward.

McCain, who polled more than 40 percent of the votes caste, campaigned extensively with his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin.

He would have been the oldest American President if he had been elected.