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05.11.2008 Elections

KT Hammond Hits CPP Man

By Daily Guide
KT Hammond Hits CPP Man

Deputy Minister of the Interior, Kobina Tahir Hammond has refused to have anything to do with the spate of occultism and the resort to river deities as is happening in other political parties in recent times.

Underscoring his belief in the Holy Quran, the Deputy Minister, who is also the MP for Adansi Asokwa in the Ashanti Region, rubbished allegations by the Convention People's Party (CPP) parliamentary candidate for the constituency, Francis Owusu Boamah that he (the minister) was using esoteric powers to undermine his political career.

 Stating his belief in the Islamic faith, he said, “As a Quran-believing Muslim, I know nothing about occultism. The Quran is my talisman. I don't know of anything beside my faith.”

According Hon. Hammond, he needs not resort to juju to retain his seat, pointing out that the Adansi Asokwa constituency is an unfriendly terrain for his opponents.    

Considering the constituency as a stronghold of his party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), he dismissed totally any possibility of going to that extent to outdo his opponents, whom he sees as no threat at all.

The Adansi Asokwa constituency is awash with all manner of allegations in the run-up to the December polls, but the MP, sounding confident, dismissed any possibility of attempting to bribe anybody to step down as a way of softening the grounds for him.

Describing the allegation as nonsensical, he said that based on how far he has gone in nurturing the constituency, he does not have any apprehension about his re-election.

Hon K.T. Hammond has come under a barrage of accusations recently from the CPP parliamentary candidate, who thinks the NPP man has been using juju to undermine him.

The CPP man went ahead to add that his NPP counterpart had sought to bribe him to step down, but K.T. Hammond wondered why he would want to bribe a man who poses no threat to him in the forthcoming polls.

Even though Boamah denied on an Accra radio station that Hon Hammond had attempted to buy him out of the parliamentary race, he is said to be spewing out incredulous allegations about the incumbent, including allegations of non-performance.

Building a political future on lies, the minister noted, is not a good thing to do, advising his CPP counterpart to take a righteous path.

 “Boamah is a childhood friend. Since he started his campaign he has been wearing the same suit, shirt and tie everyday with the label of the suit on his sleeve. So when I met him in town, I politely pulled it off for him in my interaction with him and gave the label to him. It was without malice,” the deputy minister said.

He challenged his CPP friend to give direction to the hospital he claims to have put up in the constituency because, he as the MP, does not know the location of the facility.

Boamah who could not be reached yesterday, had claimed that he has put up a hospital for the people of the area, a claim found to be outrageous, as there are no signs of such a project in the constituency.

Hon Hammond said his achievements are there for all to see.

By A.R. Gomda