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04.11.2008 NPP News

22 reasons why Ghanaians must opt for the NPP in the 2008 elections

By The Statesman

1.P/NDC dismissed over 60,000 Civil Servants under the guise of redeployment most of whom are now among the poorest.

·NPP created jobs under National Youth Employment, National Ambulance Service, National Health Insurance Scheme, Metro Mass Transit, and Forest Plantation Project and through these initiatives employed over 1.5 million young men and women who are now earning decent means of livelihood.

2.P/NDC brought about Cash and Carry and made it difficult for people to access medical care.

·NPP initiated National Health Insurance Scheme, making it easy for everybody to access medical care.

3.P/NDC bad policies led to many women becoming 'prisoners' after delivery in Korle-Bu and other hospitals.

·NPP introduced free medical care for pregnant women.

4.P/NDC gagged the press.

·NPP repealed Criminal Libel Law and granted press freedom

5.P/NDC extrajudicial killings and arbitrary imprisonment.

·NPP rule of law, no imprisonment without due process.

6.P/NDC for 19 years could not mobilise resources to add to the electric energy resources of the country, leading to frequent power outages and serious energy crises.

·NPP within seven (7) years mobilised about $600 million internationally to construct Bui Dam to expand energy supply base.

7.P/NDC for 19 years could not discover oil in commercial quantities.

·NPP within seven (7) years by the grace of God discovered oil in commercial quantities far above expectations.

8.P/NDC collapsed OSA, City Express, Green Line, STC and Railways.

·NPP introduced Metro Mass Transit, revamped STC and is working assiduously to re-activate railways

9.P/NDC constructed just two interchanges/overheads in 19 years.

·NPP within a short period of seven (7) years constructed Tetteh Quarshie interchange (the biggest in the country), Apenkwa overhead and the ongoing Ofankor-Achimota interchange in Accra and completed another one at Asafo while two others are ongoing in Kumasi (Anloga and Sofoline)

10.P/NDC for 19 years could not construct even one stadium of international standard in Ghana

·NPP within seven (7) years constructed two (2) entirely new stadiums in Tamale and Sekondi and reconstructed Accra and Kumasi sports stadiums, all to international standards capable of hosting any major international sports competitions.

11.P/NDC time 37 women were murdered between 1999 and 2000 without the killer being detected.

·NPP managed to arrest the killer within four (4) months after coming into power.

12.Under P/NDC, the bank rate was at 52%

·NPP time, bank rate is at 19%

13.P/NDC time, the banks were bluffing customers

·NPP time, banks are begging and chasing customers, virtually taking loans to offices

14.P/NDC time, there was no programme to absorb pupil teachers into the mainstream teaching profession

·NPP time, pupil teachers are being trained to become Diploma Holders and professional teachers during long vacations

15.P/NDC time, no proper scheme to ensure fast evacuation of accident victims

·NPP time, introduction of National Ambulance Service outside Hospital Management to offer quick evacuation of accident victims to nearby hospitals and the construction of helipad at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to enable helicopters to land during emergencies.

16.P/NDC time, parents found it difficult to send their children to school, leading to massive dropout figures

·NPP time, school feeding and capitation grant introduced to alleviate cost of education on parents

17.P/NDC time, parents were struggling to secure admission for their wards into Senior Secondary Schools after Junior Secondary School.

·NPP time, computer selection and placement system introduced to remove entirely the issue of parents going to school after school looking for admission for their wards.

18.P/NDC for 19 years, very little was added to any of the existing public universities.

·NPP time, several structures have been provided in all the existing public universities, thereby expanding capacity of the universities to admit more students.

19.P/NDC time, Bole-Bamboi Road never saw any improvement in spite of annually appearing in the National Budget.

·NPP time, seen massive improvement, and tarring of the road is almost completed

20.P/NDC time, Peduase Lodge left to rot and become uninhabitable

·NPP time, Peduase Lodge restored to former status

21.P/NDC collapsed cocoa industry; annual production dwindled to all-time low of 230,000 metric tonnes per annum

·NPP boosted cocoa production through the introduction of mass cocoa spraying, good producer price, payment of bonuses, and improvement of feeder and cocoa roads achieving a record production of 750,000 metric tonnes per annum, unprecedented in the history of the cocoa industry in Ghana.

22.P/NDC collapsed City Hotel and other State-owned hotels in the country.

·NPP has restored City Hotel. Reconstruction of Ambassador and other State-owned hotels is ongoing.