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04.11.2008 Social News

Fianoo Dares Police — I've Nothing To Hide

Former Ashgold CEO, Mr Kudjoe Fianoo, says he is not amused at attempts by the police and some officials of Zaytuna to drag him into the case of alleged passport fraud involving RTU striker Kwame Adzagba.

The player whose eligibility in a league match between the two sides last year is the subject of a long-standing case between RTU and Zaytuna is being accused by officials of Zaytuna to have fraudulently acqired two passports in an attempt to jettison his original Togolese nationality, a matter which is currently being handled by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police.

At the first hearing last week, Fianoo's name emerged in a statement of the head of the Police Public Relations Department, Mr Kwasi Ofori, who said he(Fianoo) was found to have endorsed the forms for the acccused, an act which makes him a principal witness in the case.

Fianoo said even though he is yet to be served with any formal invitation to testify in the case, it was quite intriguing that his name has emerged in the drama as if he had engaged in a criminal act.

He said his whole role in the matter was in pursuit of a national duty and still cannot fathom that after several years some people would want to impugn criminality in his act.

“I'm not worried with the mention of my name, but I'm rather upset about the impression being created by the police that I aided the player to procure two passports”, he told the Graphic Sports.

According to Fianoo, as a former Welfare Officer of the senior national team, the Black Stars, he remembered vivdly that sometime ago the player was invited by the handlers of the national team for a friendly match in Sierra Leone.

He said the match was arranged as part of moves between the government of Sierra Leone and Ghana to affirm their fraternal relations and the Stars needed the full compliment of their team for the match. Unfortunately Adzagba reported without a passport, and as is normal with my line of duty, I had to work to secure his passport.

'All what I did was aimed at facilitating the process to help the player secure his passport and that is the end of it, I did not do anything further than that', he said.

“This I have done for many of the players, including some of the top players of the Black Stars who are currently plying their trade in some top European Leagues”.

Fianoo said he was ready to testify if he is invited by the Police to prove his innocence.

Story by Andy Quao