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04.11.2008 NPP News

'NPP is more Northern than NDC'

By The Statesman

Paul Afoko, a founding member of the NPP, has made a passionate call to the people of the northern regions to reject the opposition NDC and vote massively for the NPP. The area is perceived to be an NDC stronghold.

He reiterated that the NPP is more "Northern' in character than the NDC in terms of their policies and programmes, as well as commitment o the growth of democracy and national development, reflected in a consistent selection of a northerner as running mate, and appealed to the people of the region to show their appreciation by keeping the NPP in power on December 7. 

Mr. Afoko said the notion of the North being NDC's stronghold is a propagandist fallacy of the party to create the impression that the people of the North believe their ideologies and ideals.

According to him, the NDC in nineteen years" rule have done nothing for Northerners, compared to the unprecedented development under the NPP's Kufuor led-government.

He noted that the voting percentages of the north does not support the NDC's claims, revealing that there is always an increase of over 55% of votes for the NPP in all the previous elections in the Fourth Republic .

Mr. Afoko  reiterated that this time around the signals of an electoral victory of the NPP in the North is clear The people of the north have now realised that the NPP is the only party that has vision and believes in the people, he added.

Mr. Afoko stressed that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has its antecedents from the Northern People's Party (NPP) whiles the NDC was born of a military coup.

He indicated that the policies of the NPP government are all Northern-inclined, aimed at bridging the inequality between the North and South of the country.

The remarks were made at a mammoth rally in Tamale organised by the NPP's parliamentary candidate for Tamale Central, Mohammed Adam Amin Anta.

 Mr.Anta further added that the NHIS, the Capitation Grant, the free compulsory education and other NPP policies are pro-poor policies and initiatives toward reducing poverty of the people.

He said that under the NPP government, pregnant women could attend medical services free of charge.

 The cash and carry system under the NDC's government caused many pregnant women to lose their lives due to their inability to pay for basic medical services.

'The cash and carry system now belongs to the past,' Mr Anta proclaimed. 'Now our women can access quality health services free of charge. This is NPP for you.'

More services would come under the presidency of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he promised.

There is vast difference between the NPP and the NDC in terms of who had the people of Ghana at heart and who had brought development to the doorstep of the people, he reiterated.

Mr. Afoko said the $1 billion USD Northern Development Fund under Nana Akufo-Addo's Presidency is also aimed at bringing more development to the North, saying the fund will be used for the developmental priorities of the North.

The NPP will surely win most of the seats in the northern regions, Mr. Afoko believes, which will contradict the NDC's claims of being strong in the area.

The NDC currently hold all three seats in Tamale. If the large numbers and high enthusiasm of the crowd was any indication, the people of Tamale were ready to vote for Mr. Anta and the NPP, Mr, Afoko felt.

'The enthusiastic youth that came out to support Amin Anta is the realisation of the people to vote for the NPP in appreciation of the massive development in Tamale and the North.'

The NPP member was therefore optimistic of his party clinching victory in Tamale, and called on people to reject the NDC and vote for the NPP to encourage further development in the area.

'This is an indication that our message, the NPP message is clear to the people of Tamale'.He emphasised that, though the NPP is a winner,, the party must fight against complacency.

'Once we get complacent and the margin of victory is narrow it allows room for the other party to create the impression that the verdict should have gone their way.'

 'We must all be relentless in executing this campaign, so that in the end there will be a wide gap between our party and the NDC in terms of popular votes. So nobody should relax, let us work hard for victory is ours. Insha Allah.'

He stated that violence is not the nature of the NPP, reminding the crowd that the NDC was born out of violence through a military coup. Conversely, the NPP believes in the rule of law and order.

'The NDC is just the PNDC without the P.' Mr Afoko lamented. 'They just dropped the P.'

The NPP member appealed to the people of Tamale to vote Amin Anta and Nana Akufo-Addo for more development to come to the North.