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03.11.2008 Politics

Political party supporters advised to comport themselves

By gna

Nana Kwesi Essiem IV, Chief of Whindo near Takoradi, has urged political party supporters to comport themselves during electioneering.

He reminded them that they were not enemies but one people fighting to ensure national developmental.

Nana Kwesi Essiem IV, who speaking in an interview with GNA in Whindo, said the beauty of democracy was that individuals could belong to different political parties without this resulting in differences among them.

He called on Ghanaians to collectively preserve the prevailing peace and tranquillity and urged all opinion leaders to lead the crusade against violence.

Nana Essiem asked leaders of the various political parties not to only proclaim peace but to practically demonstrate the commitment to peace.

Nana Essiem advised the people to have confidence in the Electoral Commission, the Judiciary and the security agencies and to consider them as partners in protection of fundamental human rights.

He advised the youth not to allow self-seeking politicians to use them to sow seeds of discord among the people.

Nana Essiem also urged students to take their studies seriously to enable them to acquire skills and knowledge required for national development.